Moms Need Reminding Too

I’ve written about when our kids get into the “I forgot” stage, but it dawned on me that I definitely am NOT the queen of remembering things that I used to think I was. The more independent and active my kids become, the more likely I am to lose track of what’s going on. I can’t blame it entirely on adolescence, however, as I’ve had a tendency to have an occasional tough time keeping track of everything in a busy household with one parent and three kids for some time now…

I need reminders. It helps if my kids write their things on the wall calendar and in my date book. Or, at least, if they get them on the calendar I can get them in my date book. But, it’s all those last minute changes and things that get told to me when we’re on the way to the store or while we’re watching an engrossing movie that don’t actually get written down anywhere. Then, the time comes and someone is inevitable frustrated with me saying, “I told you!”

They very well may have told me, but I probably needed to be reminded a time or two too. I remember a few years ago there was a documentary movie about a group of kids competing in a spelling bee. I think it was called “The Spelling Bee” or some such thing. I totally identified with one of the mothers in the film who missed her son’s competing in the bee claiming that she didn’t know: “I didn’t get a paper” she said. I actually find myself asking my kids all the time, “Did you give me a paper about it? Did I see the paper?”

I’m not a total flake; I’m managing along just fine on most days. I just need the occasional reminder…

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