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    Do you have a blog? Have you ever? Do you or did you like it? I like the idea of it. The sites I have visited all seem to have something missing to make them just right. And at the sites I visit most of the members are teenagers- and they stuff they talk about it scary- just wasn’t like that when I was a teenager. Okay, now I feel old.



    I don’t know what a blog is?



    Oh sorry! :) It’s a web log. An online journal. Do a search on google or yahoo and you can see what I mean, how they are different ( most of them ) than journals a lot of message board sites have.



    I havent looked at any. I will have to do that later. :)



    I have a journal at TLOL. :D




    No, I dont have one.



    Yep! I have one!!


    You have to register to read it but there are lots of pics and stuff! It is fun!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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