Can a woman do exercise in her menstrual period?

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    My sis is an athlete ..
    Can she do her regular exercise in her menstrual period ?
    Suggestions plz?



    Yes, unless she suffers from anemia. A person with anemia has low blood iron, so menstruation would cause a person to lose even more iron. Also, exercising during your cycle actually lessons PMS symptoms.



    I exercise no matter if my least favorite aunt is visiting or not. I’m anemic as well and am on iron suppliments. If you are really concerned, ask your Dr.



    Yes, most definitely! The time of month should not be a problem unless she is in pain or has a medical reason not to exercise.



    Absolutely she can, unless it is causing her pain, in which case she should discuss it with her doctor.



    All healthy women can exercise during their period.

    Is there a health issue for this particular lady?



    Of course! Exercise will help circulation, reduce the bloating, and promote a feeling of well being. Who doesn’t need all that during their period?



    Sometimes after a heavy day of gym I feel pain at my back. Due to muscle stress. That’s why I take [url=****://]MX Omega 3 Extra[/url] to protect my self from any muscles spasm and it helps me to become healthier.



    Yes she can but with proper measure taken.



    Yes she can do but not heavy exercise and weight lifting exercise.



    Its up to you…..,me i also exercise during my period……it much more relaxing for me

    because exercise help me to lessen my abdominal cramps………but some other people

    wants to lay on their bed they are not comportable,in my own belief if you lay your

    body in whole time in bed it must more pain do you expirience…..because the more

    you think that your not ok then the rest will follow……



    It is not a problem, but it’s not recommended the first days.



    Yes definitely she can. It can even help her if she has dysmenorrhea.

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