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    I cleaned my storage room today and found 2 liters of expired mouthwash :( :( – 2 500mL bottles and one 1-liter bottle. All of them had expired in 2/2006.

    The brand and flavor is Listerine Natural Citrus.

    Is it safe to use them? I hate to toss them in the trash.



    Most expired items are good for another 10 years or more if no funny look or smell (of course there are exceptions). Expire dates are just based on how long the company ‘bothered’ to test or wanted to test (as opposed to wanting you to buy more).

    The military proved (& many MDs confirmed) this is true for Rx & OTC meds also (check with your MD for exceptions such as antibiotics & most liquid Rx & some heart meds). Some pharmacies (depending on State legal requirement) don’t even bother listing the accurate date from their large bottle (they just add 1 year to current date).

    There would be a strong (black box) warning on mouthwash if it could hurt after expiration. So just shake good, taste, & judge results IMHO.



    I have to agree that it can’t hurt you. I just got through with eating tuna in a can last year that we had stockpiled for the Y2K scare (call me crazy, but I’d rather be safe). Those cans were 4 yrs past exp. and they still tasted fine. Scary huh!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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