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    Dear members…

    well since April i’ve been suspecting my dad for cheating my mum….he told very often to me and my sister that he would go to buy newspapers or he would go somewhere else where someone can stay 5-10 minutes…but he stayed 30 minutes and more(i know maybe that doesnt mean anything but i mention it). but during summer…especially when me and my family were on vacation he was all the time recieving messages in his cell phone. He normally answered and i had really strong suspicions that something weird was going on. sometimes i thought he was trying to prevent us from taking his phone or just look at it and i was very angry with him :S

    anyway when we returned home everything was ok!! for 3-4 days i had been really happy cause my dad rarely sent messages, he was behaving very well and i was feeling reeeeeaaaalllyyyyyy super!! But today he recieved again some messages…he answered as usual and then he talked to the phone with 2 women ( i heard their voices ) i tried to hear to what he was saying, but i couldnt listen very well. i think he said some things that they were strange but i dont know exactly what he said. Then sometimes he made his voice really low and i couldnt hear anything!! when i passed and went to another room he said ” hey what will u eat?? ” and the woman understood i was near to my father. before he hung up he told both of these women ” hey well talk tomorrow”. Right now im really sad…i dont know what to do. i have strong suspicions but no proof. i dont want to tell anyone since i dont have any proof..what should i do??




    heyyyyyyyyyyyyy can u give me some advice so i can do somethin!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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