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    I am a first time mom and I feel I am doing everything wrong. My baby girl is wonderful, never cries and has been smiling from the moment she was born.
    We have been cosleeping from the begining (she is now 4 months 1/2)and I love it. For the past month and a half, she has been waking up almost every hour past midnight for the breast, and I don’t mind except that sometimes she fights it and I have to move to the rocking chair for her to latch on and fall back asleep.
    I know that most of those moments, she is just looking for comfort. I have taken 2 years off work to take care of her, so I do not mind the sleepless nights, but I am scared she will never be able to have a night without looking for the breast to comfort herself. During the day, she naps in a scarf on me, she takes the pacifier, and falls asleep in her dad’s arms without the pacifier, so I know it is only with me. I have tried giving her the pacifier at night, but she will just completely wake up and cry. In Elizabeth Pantley’s book (the no cry sleep solution), she writes that if it wasn’t for our busy lives, it is okay to let the baby associate the breast (pacifier, or else) to sleep. Again, since I took 2 years off, I am ok with that. I just wish she could sleep a 3h stretch after midnight. What would be your advice, and does that mean that she will not be sleeping thru the night until 2 years old.

    P.S:I am against crying it out.[/LIST]

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