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    On Sunday AM, I happened to go to one CVS just as the
    Christmas clearance was being changed to 90%.

    I was in CVS deal heaven!

    Purchased several items as future gifts and couldn’t
    beat the $19.99 priced items suddenly turning into $1.99

    Boxed items that I purchased included
    *fancy wine bottle openers,
    *carving knive sets,
    *very heavy, glass & black wrought iron table to hold wine bottles & globlets,
    *children’s wooden rocking chairs (too cute!),
    *carmel apple makers,
    *cocoa makers,
    *chocolate fountains,
    and more.

    Mostly used my ECBs from previous deals, so had very little out of pocket cost…..maybe $4 – $5. I divided it into 3 purchases to maximize my coupons and ECBs.

    Then, today at work, one of my friends tells me. “I know you were shopping at CVS on Sunday AM. I just know it was you, Angie!”

    Now, how do you think she knew it was me? This is a huge town.

    She explained that she was picking up a prescription drug at that CVS for her elderly Dad. The clerks were talking about an amazing blonde shopper that got “5 shopping carts full of clearance items, 90% mind you!, for practically free. Christmas gifts for next year!”

    Sharon tells me, “I was certain you had just left and those clerks were just talking they thought you did really great.”

    I confessed it was me. But it was only 3 shopping carts full.

    The joys of CVS shopping!

    Did you get any 90% deals?



    Haven’t gone out this week yet! But hope to on Thursday. :)



    yes I did. one store still had alot of stuff too. I got the med. tins for .29 ea. I got a ton of scotch tape @ .39 a piece for the 3pks. I got 32 rolls packs total. Apparently that boxed hershey’s Pot of gold was placed in the wrong aisle and i got it 90% off lol. Scotch paper cutter (also for cous) was .69. Glad I didn’t buy it at the other store for 1.75.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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