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    Haven’t seen you on here lately , Just wondering if you have had that beautiful baby girl :)



    I was just wondering the same thing! Hope for her sake that she has! :)



    Hello everyone….No, I did not have Lacie yet. I went to my appt. on Tues. and my doctor sent me over to labor and delivery to have my blood pressure checked and to put me on a moniter. He said my BP was up and by the time I walked over to L & D, my BP was fine and so was Lacie. I did not make any more progress, I’m still at 1 and half cm dilated. Now, all of a sudden today, she hasn’t been her active self. I want to call the doctor and let him or her (depending which one is on call) know, because this is so unlike her. My MIL and my neighbor both told me that babies rest up and quit moving so much right before labor. I really don’t remember that with my other pregnancies, its been over 6 years since my last baby and he was a slug anyway…lol, Tyler only moved around a little bit, Lacie is all over the place. She’s kicks my butt from the inside…lol. Has anyone heard that before, babies slowing down before labor? I’m going to call anyway, just to be safe.

    Thanks for wondering about me.



    Hope you and Lacie are Ok, Maybe she is just resting up for the big day . Ian hasn’t been as active lately eithier . Please let me know what the doctors say .
    Belly Rubs

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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