FREE Skoal and Copenhagen coupons? How do I sign up for some?

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    I have seen many posts of people trading free coupons for Copenhagen and Skoal. Where are people getting these coupons? I checked on [url][/url] for a copenhagen or skoal site and could not find one. Does anyone have a customer service # or a website to direct me to?? Any help is very much appreciated! Email me at [email][/email] and post here too! Thanks!!! :) Please don’t PM me!




    Don’t know if anyone found this or not. I did a google but couldn’t find anywhere to sign up for them.



    Hi there! They certainly do not make coupons easy to find for snuff, these sites are for both copenhagen and skoal coupons. You must be 21 to sign up. First, you can go to [URL=""][/URL] and sign up for “Heartland USA” magazine, it is FREE with absolutely no strings attached. They will send you the magazine every 2 months, and it is a great one! Fishing, snowmobiling, ATV riding, hunting articles, also stories about the Pro Bull Riders Association, you know, outdoorsy type stories. Inside this magazine are almost ALWAYS coupons for copenhagen and or skoal. I just got my magazine yesterday and it had a coupon in it for 8.00 off a roll (10 cans) of copenhagen, which I used yesterday to purchase a roll and it ended up costing me 22.00 for 10 cans, versus almost 5.00 a can if bought singly at a convenience store!!! There are also small coupons in the magazine as well, such as 1.50 off 1 can, or 2.50 off 2 cans. They do not advertise the magazine anywhere I know of, but it is totally free, and the coupons will save you a bundle! I have been getting the magazine for over a year now and enjoy reading it and saving money too! The website also will have any “rewards programs” they are currently running. They ran one 6 months ago and I saved 100 lids and mailed them in and got 30.00 worth of coupons for a free roll of Copenhagen. Hope this helps! Please be safe with this product and ALWAYS move it in your mouth, do not put the snuff in one spot in your lip over and over. This decreases irritation to the inside of the lip. Be safe!



    Don’t know if you’re still interested or not, but here is the Skoal info.
    They verify your age before you can login, so you must be at least 21.
    They will mail you monthly coupons. You can also login and get a coupon monthly in addition to the ones you received in the mail.
    Good Luck!

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