Ear Infections? New Guidelines May Make It Harder for Your Child to Get Antibiotics

It is a rare parent who is not familiar with childhood ear infections. While my own family has been blessed to have gotten off with relative ease (no chronic ear infections, tubes needed, etc), the fact is that I’ve administered my share of the refrigerated pink goo medicine that gave our kids much-needed antibiotics over the years. As a parent, you get to know the signs and symptoms, the crying and tugging in a young child, the complaining in an older one, sometimes each accompanied by fever or following a cold or respiratory illness. Now, newer guidelines to physicians may … Continue reading

What’s in Your Water?

Being born and raised in Memphis, I took our water supply for granted.  Over the years, I heard we had wonderful water because it came from artesian wells, whatever that was. Then, I moved to California.  I noticed that when I’d wash dishes, a film would remain on them.  I wondered what was being left inside when I drank the water.  Moving to Arkansas didn’t prove much better.  We still had film on dishes.  Then, we moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Camp Lejeune, found in Jacksonville, had water contamination problems from 1953 through 1987.  Sigh. Now, I am finally back … Continue reading

The Mediterranean Diet and Protecting Your Heart By Protecting Your Olive Oil

In the news recently is some research that many of us may have already suspected, consuming the typical Mediterranean Diet can lower one’s risk of heart-related issues, including heart attack, stroke, or heart disease. One big component of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, a rich fat that is monounsaturated and found to help lower cholesterol and control insulin levels. Scientists are now researching even more benefits of olive oil, such as positive effects on both bone and digestive health. Before you go gun-ho on the Mediterranean diet and start using olive oil on everything in sight, you should know … Continue reading

What’s Keeping Me Awake?

I have never thought much about food and sleep.  I know if I drink a caffeinated drink after noon, I will often find myself staring at the ceiling at midnight going, “Why did I do that?” But, did you know that food  too can affect your sleep?  At a time in my life when sleep seems more elusive and yet more important all at the same time, I decided to research what food can keep you awake. Other than the obvious coffee, you should also avoid chocolate.  I know, that is a terrible thing to say, but chocolate, especially dark … Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet Wins Glowing Reviews

It seems as if people are always looking for the perfect diet.  But, it often alludes us.  We either feel deprived of food or don’t want to eat what we can have.  Worse yet, there are the diets that just don’t work! For years, I have been hearing good things about the Mediterranean diet.  This is the diet primarily followed by people that live in the southern regions of Italy, Greece, and Spain.  It includes a lot of fruit and vegetables along with olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fish, dairy, meat (but not red), and yes, even wine.  The diet … Continue reading

The Dirty Diaper and Your Child’s Health

According to a New York Times article, “In a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers led by Anita Kozyrskyj found that babies born by C-Section vaginally, and that infants who were breast-fed had a different recipe of bacteria in their guts than those who were given formula.” And when it comes to health, specifically digestive heath and the immune system, it is the bacteria, or bugs, that count. Studies have long shown that children who have been delivered by C-Section have greater risks of certain illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes and obesity, as do children who were … Continue reading

The Link Between Housework and a Woman’s Figure

A new study published this month is showing that women, whether they work outside the home or not, are burning fewer calories on a daily basis, and the reason seems to be housework, or the lack of it. The comparisons are being made between women in 1965 and women in 2010. It found that women who do not work outside the home burned, on average, 360 fewer calories per day compared to their 1965 counterparts. Women working outside of the home were burning about 132 fewer calories in 2010 than their counterparts did in 1965. In 1965, the average at-home … Continue reading

Stop Binge Eating – Part 2

Yesterday, I was talking about something I am often guilty of – binge eating!  How do you stop it? One way to stop bingeing is to take smaller bites, enjoy your meal, and extend the time if you can.  Set a timer if needed.  The longer you draw out your meal, the more chance your stomach has to realize how much food is in it and stop you from eating more.  If you don’t believe this, just think back to the last time you eat a lot of food and felt miserable.  You probably ate quicker than your body could … Continue reading

Stop Binge Eating – Part 1

Do you binge eat?  I know I do.  I’ll promise myself that this is it – I am going to stop eating so much and start exercising.  Next thing I know, I am sitting in my recliner, stuffing a pepperoni pizza in my face and watching television.  Not a good plan! But, how can you stop it?  First, you need to realize that some dieticians frown on diets because they are not teaching you healthy lifestyle changes.  If you are thinking of going on the Atkins Diet and sit there thinking “I can never have another piece of bread, ever … Continue reading

Staying Safe in the Winter

Winter brings its own set of hazards to our families. For example, did you know that sledding accidents will injure 20,000 kids this year? This is only the number that are serious enough to be reported through a hospital or visit to the doctor’s office. Short of putting our kids in bubble suits or making them stay indoors all day, what can we do to make sure that our kids stay safe in the winter? Here are some winter safety tips. Make Sure Kids Have the Right Stuff Before your child heads out the door in the winter, make sure … Continue reading