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    I am an older mom (42) and my sweetie is really my guinea pig since I didn’t have a lot of experience with babies before he came along. Now he is 18 months old and very fussy about what he eats. I hate feeding him junk like Doritos, but that seems to be all he will eat!
    I slip V8 juice in on him so he gets some veggies, but do any of you more experienced moms have any good ideas or recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner items he might eat? He is a little fussy – doesn’t care much for meat (although I can get him to eat a little bit of hamburger occasionally, but he doesn’t even like hotdogs) and will not even try an egg :(
    Thanks in advance!



    Hi, Libby!

    I used to swear I’d never give my child junk food like chips and french fries, etc.

    Now that I have a child, I’ve changed my tune.

    My 15-month-old goes through phases where he’ll eat a lot of one thing and nothing else and then a week later, he’s moved on to a new food favorite.

    I can’t get him to drink milk, but he’s still loving his formula so he gets that several times a day. he doesn’t like orange juice but he’s nuts about Tang, so I give him a cup of that every day too. As for his quirky food preferences, I just keep trying lots of variety.

    String cheese is always a winner, so it has become a staple for him (protein & calcium). He likes cheese-flavored things, so I’ve got him eating mini rice cakes and cheese nips for carbs. He just isn’t big on meat lately although he did go through a BK Chicken Fries phase a few weeks ago. He’s recently taken to fresh spinach leaves, fresh broccoli and cherry tomatoes (who knew?!). I know it doesn’t sound like much of a meal: cherry tomatoes, cheese nips and string cheese, but I’m just glad he’s eating something! I’ve talked to other moms about this and they all say the same thing: “Let them eat whatever they will as a staple, just keep trying to add different things and get them to expand their tastes a bit.”

    I figure there are worse things than feeding your kid Doritos when that’s all he wants. Don’t sweat it. He’s just finding his tastes right now.



    Sometimes french fries are all I can get Will to eat :( But (and I may be wrong here), I don’t think he is really old enough to be able to get him to eat food that is good for him. He doesn’t really understand, so maybe it is not so bad for right now.



    You know, I think the key is to just get them to eat SOMETHING.
    My son runs around so much that I hardly think that french fries or doritos at this stage in his life are going to hurt him. Now if I had a 60-pound 18-month-old, I’d be pushing the V8 and veggie sticks, but I think most kids can burn off the carbs at this age. :niceone:



    Oh yeah – he has no problem burning of calories or carbs :-) I just feel like a bad mom, but I guess eating something is better than nothing. I should have known he’d be fussy – couldn’t even get him to breastfeed :-)



    [quote=lpelham]I should have known he’d be fussy – couldn’t even get him to breastfeed :-) [/quote]

    Welcome to the fussy baby boat! It’s nice to have some company :2thumbup:

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