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    I dont have any clue where it ran away to but im serious woke up with no voice. I have to work this week and NEED my voice. I work for a company that helps people with developmental disabilities/delays do day to day activities. I have to pass meds this week at special olympics. I CANT NOT give meds unless I can say what they are and who they are for. There is no one else to do this. How do I try to help myself get my voice back ASAP. I have NO pain or anythign I can eat and drink. the only thing that I woke up with this morning was a stuffy nose. Help Please.



    Oh no, poor you! :hug:

    If it was me, I’d be drinking hot lemon water w/ honey around the clock. Maybe do the ole towel on my head-standing over the sink steam routine if I were desperate.

    I hope someone can help! I’m not good with that because I’ve only lost my voice twice in my life.



    I lose my voice a lot. I get laryngitis almost every time I get a cold. It is really rough because I homeschool and I need to read to the kids and to teach them their lessons. I know this isn’t what you want to hear right now, but it usually lasts 3-5 days. Drinking warm drinks will help–herbal teas, hot tea with lemon, that sort of thing. Also, wrap a scarf around your neck and don’t speak unless you absolutely have to.



    I have NEVER actually lost my voice. I need to a least be able to skeak out a little which is why I asked for help. My problem is my vocal cords are not the best because they are slightly torn from when I had whooping cough. I hope this wont kill my voice forever I HAVE no choice but to talk while at work. So hopefully all the steam showers and hot drinks will help.



    Take vitamin C 500 mg twice a day. That will help return your voice. I know, you are going to say, you do not need the excess amount, you will urinate it out. But, it will help.

    Can you get one of those little tape recorders that you can press the button to play, “Time for your medications. What is your name?”
    That way you won’t have to talk so much.
    I have seen them at CVS for $10.00 or so.



    I have lost my voice a couple of times too…w/o any warning no cold or anything…the advice given is sound advice…I hope that you will be back to your vocal self soon Kristin!! Sending you healthy voice vibes…and hugs too!!!:niceone:



    You had whooping cough??? Wow. When you were a baby?

    I hope you get your voice back soon!!! How did it go at work?



    yes i had whooping cough when i was a baby. It tore my vocal cords. I am going to try to take the vitamin c and see if it works.



    we dont have a cvs here…. i have one somewhere that is a good idea



    blow your nose before you go to bed…I don’t know if that will help but….it can’t hurt?



    How are you feeling today Kristin??

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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