Could You Be A Home – Based Photographer?

Do you love, love, love babies? Do you have a knack for taking beautiful pictures? If so, you could combine your love of babies and photography by starting a home – based photography business which specializes in baby pictures. Of course, you can specialize in other areas too, but one very hot photography specialty right now is the newborn photo shoot. You have probably seen some of the beautiful and creative photos that newborn photographers have taken, working their magic with teeny, tiny photo props, hats, clothes, and of course, the most precious tiny little people. You can learn about … Continue reading

Do You Need An Etsy Shop?

It has been a while since I gave myself permission to go and browse (okay, ogle is more like it) the bevy of beautiful things that people are making and selling on I love Etsy, but I could sit there looking at the things on there all night long and not get any work done, so I have to keep myself in check and only look at the site once in a while. The very best thing about Etsy is the reason that there are so many beautiful things available for purchase on the site is that there are … Continue reading

Working From Home Could Save You Money

If you work outside of the home and you are considering switching to working from home, you may be wondering whether you can afford to make the switch. You know how to make your family’s finances work with your current income, at least most of the time. You are wise to be wary because many home-based businesses do take a while to start making money, but the transition may be more affordable than you think. The reason for that is that, simply stated, working from home cuts your expenses in a number of ways. For example, unless your home-based business … Continue reading

Procrastinators, Read This Later

Some of us procrastinate some of the time, and some of us procrastinate much of the time. I have not met many people who never ever procrastinate, but I suppose that they may exist somewhere. Sometimes there is a reason behind why we drag our feet, such as not liking the task that you are supposed to do. Sometimes, though, procrastination happens for no reason at all. For example, you suddenly find yourself doing something instead of what you know you should be doing yet you cannot come up with any reason why. The other day I realized that I … Continue reading

Go Ahead, Let Your Multiple Talents Shine

As you may know by now, I have decided to focus my efforts solely on one of the two home- based businesses that I have owned and operated for the past three years. Even though I am operating one business now instead of two, I feel as though it is important to make sure that I do not put all of my eggs into one basket. Now, more than ever, I am focusing on providing a variety of freelance writing services to a fairly diverse set of clients. I firmly believe that having multiple talents, or talents which can translate … Continue reading

Home Based Work for the Administrative Professional

If you are an administrative professional, you may wonder whether your skills could enable you to work from home. After all, administrative professionals are often the first kind of professionals that come to mind when one thinks of the world of traditional office – bound work. If working at home is where your heart is, do not despair. Your skills are a valuable resource that you can use to create a new opportunity for yourself – as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants manage phone and email communications, do billing, handle customer service, and more, all from the comfort of their … Continue reading

Home Based Work and the Freedom it Brings

It’s that time of year again, time for us to celebrate the incredible amount of freedom that is available to so many of us as far as when and where we do our work. Whether you have been working from home for years, you just started working from home, or you are still in the “thinking about it” phase, right now is a great time to think about the freedom that working from home brings (or could bring) to your life. This year, it is worth mentioning that I just gained an even greater amount of freedom through my home … Continue reading

Crazy for Cards

I remember when I got my first set of business cards.  I was elected as a member of the Hawaii State Board of Education and scored a box of fancy schmancy cards featuring a border of gold foil. I was 17 years old, though the cards made me feel at least 27. Since then, I’ve subsequently obtained more than a dozen other business cards from the myriad of companies which I’ve been gainfully employed. Whether you are a Fortune 500 CEO or running a small home business, having an official card to hand out to present and future clients is vital. … Continue reading

Making Money from Vending Machines

Think about how much cash you’ve deposited in vending machines over the years? Isn’t it about time you started making money from these machines instead of allowing them to suck your wallet dry? Running a vending machine business is a great way to pad your budget.  What’s more, you can run the bulk of the operations from your home, set your own hours, and turn a profit without a ton of advertising and manual labor. If you decide to give the business idea a try, consider the type of machines you want to own.  Find a reliable manufacturer who can … Continue reading

Clean For Green

How clean is your home? So many of us whine and complain that cleaning our living space is a never-ending chore. We wake up from deep slumbers with a smile on our face remembering the dream we just had:  The one where our entire house was clean for more than a couple of hours. Household chores are part of a vicious cycle that will follow us to our graves.  But, would your take on washing dishes, dusting and scrubbing toilets change if you were given cold hard cash to complete them? One of the most popular home businesses out there … Continue reading