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    DH and I got married in December. We originally said we wouldn’t TTC for 1.5 to 2 years. Well, that quickly got squashed to a year. I’ve had baby fever for over a year and it hit DH about the beginning of February. Now, it’s killing me. I really can’t get pregnant right now. I won’t finish my degree until May ’09, and taking a semester off isn’t an option.

    However, I have horrible baby fever! I can’t stop thinking about it. Avoiding kids isn’t an option. I work in a photography studio, and am a part-time photographer myself. Not to mention, a lot of my friends have babies that I just can’t keep my hands off of.

    Did any of you ladies have to wait a while after you had baby fever to start TTC? How did you deal with it?



    Perhaps you could think about volunteering at a shelter or hospital?? Maybe be a candy-striper for a few hours on the maternity ward?? I think the key is to not avoid baby-situations, but get your “fix” and go back to the life you have right now.
    BTW, I’m a photog., too!! I love meeting new photographers! I belong to some great forums, if you’re interested!!



    Borrow my twins? LOL


    Kats Playland

    [QUOTE=twinzplus3]Borrow my twins? LOL[/QUOTE]

    ^That’s funny!^
    But she has a point. If you have any friends or family with a baby or young child see if they need to babysit or want a day off. That’s what I did when it hit for me.:) Luckily we were able to push it off. Good luck!


    wanna be a young mother

    Where do you live??? I’ll drop Nevaeh off first thing in the morning!! LOL

    On a serious note….I just babysat a lot until we had our own! So maybe you can get some practice in until you have your own. :)



    Um. . .I offered for her to take my twins first! I get dibs on the baby wanter! ;-) (On a side note. . .she could take my twins and Nevy. . .and that just might do it for awhile.) ;-)



    I have to agree with everyone else – babysit someone else’s kids! I too have to wait to conceive until my husband and I move into our new place, sometimes I think waiting will make me explode! I get my “fix” by babysitting my newphew for a few hours, realize how demanding a two year old can be and then enjoy a night out with my friends (which will be hard to do once a baby arrives). Also avoid cute baby shows like A Baby Story and watch shows like Jon and Kate Plus 8 (the couple have twin girls and sextuplets)…


    wanna be a young mother

    Val after 1hr with Nevy & your twins the poor women will never want kids! :heh:



    you can take lucas for a few days, I will get the rest I need, until he comes back… lol Lucas may be a 1 yr old but he likes to get into EVERYTHING, hehe he will definatly keep you on your feet :P I had very bad baby fever after he reached 15 lbs. I think that was at 3 months, I dont remember quite much anymore, and I am now preggy again…. ever since I got preggy Lucas has been acting crazy with tantrums.. LOL definatly would have made me put a stop to TTC for a little bit longer but It still probably wouldnt be good enough!

    Just try to avoid a baby story or bring hoome baby, those shows made me BAD! any show that includes being preggy and giving birth… When I watch it now I bawl because they get to see their babies now and I dont LOL



    Last summer, I babysat a friend’s 5 week old son on the day of our engagement pictures! Talk about insane, but it was so much fun! I offer my services to friends from church all the time. I have so much fun with all the little munchkins. I must admit though, it is nice to give them back to their own mommy and daddy sometimes.

    I definitely try to avoid cute baby shows. Heck, I bawled at the end of Knocked Up when she was having the kid. :o



    i don’t think there is any way to get rid of baby fever cause when its there it stays…But i agree with babysitting, i have 3 of my own and get 5 more after school so that helps me cope a bit but the fever is still there. good luck!



    sign izzy up for the baby drop off list! this is going to sound off the wall, but after my m/c a few years back, DH got me a dog. CERTAINLY it’s not the same, but it did help.


    Kats Playland

    [QUOTE=purelegance]…after my m/c a few years back, DH got me a dog. CERTAINLY it’s not the same, but it did help.[/QUOTE]

    My DH did the same thing for me “to keep my mind off of things”….
    And if she up to babysitting you can take mine!! *lol* She skipped the terrible Two, but now it’s hit the last month or so… But she’s smart enough to tell me, I’ll behave when you have a baby Mommy.
    Yeah, totally skip the mommy/baby shows the baby fever gets worse.



    What I do to help the overwhelming desire to have a baby is foster kittens for the humane society. I keep them in my home until they are two pounds, that’s what they have to be to be spayed or neutered. It is very rewarding and keeps me busy during my free time. Also, I always have baby animals around, what’s better than that? The humane society here is always looking for foster oparents for both kittens and puppies (and on occassion a guinnes pig or two).



    [quote=purelegance]sign izzy up for the baby drop off list! this is going to sound off the wall, but after my m/c a few years back, DH got me a dog. CERTAINLY it’s not the same, but it did help.[/quote]
    My problem is getting puppy fever whenever im preggo, im 19wks, and we just got an 8 wk old puppy, same thing happend with my 2 girls, the only one i didnt get a puppy with is my son, though dh said we are gonna get another puppy in about a year to bread the one we just got when she turns 2, maybe thats his way of keeping me from getting baby fever!lol:bouncing:

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