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    Ours was good. Fri. both girls had soccer practuce. Sean fixed supper then we went to the nature park. They had a night hike & the Astronomy Society was out there with tons of awesome telescopes. Shelby was in heaven. Space & stars are her thing. Sat. I went out with my friends! We had the best time! Sun. I went to the grocery & that was it!



    Friday was nice, I had the day off so Ian and I went to visit my best friend and her 1 year old. We took them to the park to play.

    Saturday Ian and I went to Gymboree and my friend came to my house so that the boys could play in the pool (kiddie pool)

    Sunday we went to my Grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary party and then watched the Falcon’s season opener.



    Saturday we had no real plans, and it worked out better that we didnt. We were going to go to lunch and then the supermarket. However, when we moved Rob’s car we realized it had a flat tire. He was just going to just leave it for when we got back, but thankfully he didn’t. He took it off and we brought it to the tire place, went to eat while they were busy and then went to the park to kill some time. Got back to the tire place to find out the tire had a screw in it and could not be repaired, but had to be replaced. I know Rob’s first instinct was to leave it alone, and worry about it after the supermarket. He is so lazy sometimes. He apologized for ruining the day, I told him I would have been mad had he not fixed the tire. We did finally make it to the supermarket.

    Sunday Rob played softball until about 3. The kids and I just stayed around the house. We cleaned Eric’s room real good when he was napping, I did Sara’s nails and then we played outside after he woke up.

    So nothing special done this weekend, but it was a good one anyway.



    Jami-we want details on you going out with your friends!!

    Friday- dh & I went out to dinner without the kids! (My mom volunteered to take them since she saw I was having a mini-meltdown!)

    Saturday-We had our twp. block party-lots of fun! Then I came home and put together two new bureaus we just got for Kyra

    Sunday-tried to get Kyra’s room together, did wash, cleaned, blah blah blah! (Oh and watched the Eagles Kick some butt!!) I also got some really good deals at Kmart – got Jimmy sheets for his big boy bed, saw a couple pair of pants for me on clearance (I am in desparate need of pants!) and got Jimmy’s halloween costume (Sponge Bob!)



    I spent Friday going to a doctors appt for myself and then picking my mom up from the hospital. Saturday we cleaned around here and then went to a car show. Sunday not a whole lot just church and more cleaning….. My exciting life! :)



    Barb~Thanks for asking! Sat. we didn’t do anything exciting but had the best time. We went to get something to eat & for a festival thing. So we did that after I ate.LOL Then we went to a scrapbook store. My one friend hates to scrapbook so she was so bored. Then we went to Joanne’s & got some fleece to make blankets(another get together coming!!:D). Of course we laughed the entire time we were together. Then we went to Dick’s Sporting Good Store. We were like teenagers & I am shocked we didn’t get thrown out. You can just imagine what we were saying & talking about. Then we went to Wal-Mart & came home. We were gone almost 5 hours. It was so nice & well worth it!!!



    I went to a friends house and all the kids played together while she and I visited. Other than that, I did nothing but more housework all weekend!



    Jami~Glad you had such a great time with your friends! :cheer:

    Everyone~Sounds like you had a good weekend! :D

    We had a good weekend, we went to Jacob’s game early Sat morning then we went to the hotel, showered again since it was so hot at the game. Then went out to dinner on the beach, let the kids get in the water but we didnt think it would still be warm so they werent in their swimsuits. They had fun either way. :D Sunday we went walking along the beach and then ate brunch. We then came home and I was so pooped. I am still trying to get back into my schedule. ;)



    We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we didn’t do much. Saturday we went for a walk over to my grandmas because it was so nice out. Sunday we went to Famous Daves for lunch for our anniversary then we went to Best Buy and Walmart and picked up a snow suit for Kassidy and looked for a Halloween costume for her. Then we went to look at a place we want to rent. It is really nice, a lot better then where we r now, but dh doesn’t think we will get it for some reason.



    Weekend..Sat mike had his first soccer game, they won
    Sunday went to a home and garden show(boring :umm )
    Did laundry and that was it.

    Fun huh

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