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    My husband does not touch me anymore, sinds we had our last child who is now almost three years old. we have a buisiness a restaurant and he is out working till 3 in the morning. when I talk about it he says that he never get to rest and that he is tired all the time. he is a loving caring man and father he kissis me and hugs me but it seems like sex is to mutch for him.he is almost 50 now.


    Aiden&Alejandros Mommy

    Can it be that he has a med problem? Esp with all the stress and long hours.



    [quote=Alejandros Mommy]Can it be that he has a med problem? Esp with all the stress and long hours.[/quote]

    I know he has no med problem because we talk about everything



    What does he say is the problem?



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    Maybe its time he went in for a yearly physical, just to make certain he is healthy.

    Then, may suggestion is a week-long 2nd honeymoon with no work, no kids, just the two of you.




    Have you tried consulting together?



    aybe its time he went in for a yearly physical, just to make certain he is healthy.

    Then, may suggestion is a week-long 2nd honeymoon with no work, no kids, just the two of you.

    I will never leave my children with anyone so thats my problem.



    [quote=MiaCamille]Have you tried consulting together?[/quote]
    my husband is not willing to talk to someone because he says that there’s nothing wrong he yust need to sell the restaurant and then when he gets to sleep at aregular basis he’ll be able to have sex again.BUT,there is something wrong with me i ned sex and soon or i will explode HELP:o



    maybe if you tell him that you would be consulting for both of you and not put the blame all on him? i know that sometimes we go through periods in our lives where just don’t feel like having sex, i’ve been there after my third was born and DH was there a couple of months ago but things got back to normal now, could be just a phase like he says..



    If your dh isn’t getting proper sleep or working backwards hours there could be a legitamate problem. My dh worked graveyard and didn’t get enough sleep. Sex was the last thing on his mind. We found too he was depressed. He actually discovered it when taking a psychology class after the fact. He was also isolated at his job, but anyway, the sleep facter was a part of the issue and men often show signs of depression very different from women. Men tend to be moody (at least my dh was). He visited our dr. and she put him on some meds, he got a shift change which allowed for more sleep and he’s normal now. Not suggesting for certain this is your dh’s issue, just a thought though.



    I had a similar problem with my husband last year. He never wanted to make love because he was always too tired upon coming home from work. After a recommendation from my best friend, i bought a ramp and a wedge on [url]www.liberator.com[/url] . I was surprised how comforting and relaxing these pillows make sex. My husband’s sex drive has improved tremendously since then because we can explore many different positions without having to exert ourselves. I don’t know if these products can help everyone, but they definitely worked for me. ~just an idea.



    i Think Your Husband Is Cheating On You Cuz My Brother Is The Same With His Wife And I Know This



    Well, that’s your brother. Unless they are the same person, you really do not know for sure.



    Holiday and enjoy each other. As long as you have each other sex doesn’t matter. In the long run as long as you love each other you can make each other happy no matter how difficult it has become. Just try as hard as you can to get his attention.



    Sleep deprivation is a very big factor in loss of sexual desire. I have constantly been tired during all my years of marriage, and my poor husband has had to suffer through the consequences. I would start to feel romantic, greet my husband at the door with a lingering kiss when he came home from work, and then fall asleep as soon as my head would land on his shoulder. I talked to my doctor and our counselor about the problem, and finally went to have a sleep study done where I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.
    In your husband’s case, he is exhausted with the hours he keeps. The only thing on his mind is whether he can get some good sleep.
    You said that you could never leave your children with someone so that you and your husband could have some quiet, uninterruped time alone. Time alone with your husband without interruption is CRITICAL to the continued success of your marriage. If you don’t feel comfortable going away somewhere without your children for a week, maybe you can trade services with a close friend or relative at least for a night. Your friend could keep your children for the night, and your children will still be relatively close by, and then some other time you could return the favor for your friend by keeping her children for an evening. (All the children might actually have fun with the change of pace.) Even if you don’t immediately have your desired sex, at least you can share an evening of bonding with your husband.

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