I need ideas for a baptism craft for activity days girls.

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    I’m the Activity Days leader for the 10-11 yr old girls. We have a girl who’s getting baptized in May (coming from a less-active family), so I wanted to do this week’s activity about baptism. The girls say they like crafts. I need something EASY b/c I am totally overwhelmed by crafts in general. And I only have 1 hour to do this, with 4 girls. I will tie it in with a lesson, I just need ideas for a really simple & cheap craft. Oh, and we’re also thinking it might be nice to display at the Recognition Night we’re doing next month.

    (The girls came up with the idea to build a baptismal font out of popsicle sticks. That strikes me as funny, but I guess I don’t have any better idea yet!!)

    Uhh… this is happening on Thursday, in TWO DAYS. Any quick ideas?



    My niece got a baptism bunny. I’ll get the poem from my sister tomorrow if you’re interested. I saw Martha Stewart make a bunny rabbit out of a gardening glove. Here is the link to the craft.




    Not quite a baptism link but how about a sugar cube temple. You can then put white christmas lights in it and at the Recognition Night it could be the focal part of a display. It only takes glue and cubes
    bit adventurous scenery!!
    Our primary are planning to do these soon.:)



    Here’s the baptismal bunny poem.

    I’m you’re very own baptism bunny! My job is to get a hug from you in the morning when you wake up and at night when you go to bet. When you hug me, remember to:
    Read your scriptures
    Listen to the Holy Ghost
    Your friend forever,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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