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    Sorry it has taken me so long to post this info!

    Antiphospholipid syndrome is a disease that was discovered in 1983 by a DR. Hughes. It is also known as Hughes syndrome, APLS or sticky blood. There are several different class of this disease.

    The is primary APS and secondary APS, then they is also Pregnancy induced APS, which is what I have. Antiphospholipid Syndrome(APS) is a disorder in which the blood clotting system begins to form blood clots in the viens, arteries or plactena and cord of baby for no apparent reason.

    The most common and distressing problem with APS is reacurring miscarriage. alot of the time the only symptom of APS is reacurring misscarriages, often very early or late in pregnancy. This is due to small clots afftecting the placenta, preventing vital nutrients getting to the growing baby.

    There is numerous different treatments, if you all are interested I can share. If you gals have any more quesitons please ask, I will try and answer them as best as I can.



    Interesting. Thanks for sharing!



    Very interesting thanks for sharing. You don’t have ot share all the treatment options but which ones did you choose?



    Kel, I am being treated with a baby asa a day and an injectable blood thinner (heparin). plus two more drugs to help the syptoms of APS. all the drugs I am on , are class B for pregnancy, so they are not 100% safe, but you can’t find many that are



    That is scary. :(



    it is very scary, Christy. But the odds out weigh the benfits and def. improves the outcome.



    Well, that part is good. I would be terrified to take the risk, but that is something I hope I don’t ever have to choose to do.



    I think about it each and every day, just as I did with Alyse. but that is why they monitor me so close. so they can prevent a problem before something happens if possible

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