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    Question about spotting. 28 days late, and I had light spotting after BD two days ago. Thought it was going to be AF, but it only lasted like 10 minutes and then that was the end of it, no spotting since. I have not POAS yet, and I know I should, I just haven’t gotten around to it. So busy with everything, haven’t even been able to buy one yet. What do you gals think? Pg or maybe just impending AF or? Thanks!



    Just 4 letters: POAS!

    Then, we’ll all know for certain.

    I’m betting it will be +.


    Kats Playland

    [QUOTE=QueenAngie]Just 4 letters: POAS!

    Then, we’ll all know for certain.

    I’m betting it will be +.[/QUOTE]

    Agreed! Hopefully it’ll be a late Christmas present. :D



    Sounds like you may be preggo but you will only know for sure with a positive test. Good luck!



    it’s hard to say i always get a “warning sign” a few days before af shows up. POAS and let us know how it goes….


    Aiden&Alejandros Mommy

    Yes Poas! Its the only way you’ll know for sure! Good luck!



    POAS POAS POAS!!!!! hope you get a :bfp:



    Grr, being so slow. Car still isn’t fixed, so the only place I have to buy a test is where I work, and I don’t think I want to hear anything from them about me possibly being preggo. Car will be done this weekend, but so far, 32 days and no AF, and no more spotting, but dull cramping…



    Good Luck this weekend :-)



    Good luck!! Keep us posted!



    Brief Update:
    Have not had AF since Nov 2nd. POAS monday nighty and it was negative. Would me taking a test during the day really have affected it? Or would it just be negative? Ugh, not sure how much hcg levels differ during the day and what not. Anyway, I had some light spotting this morning now again, but I think it’s done now. It was very light, I hardly noticed it at all, not enough to transfer to my pantyliner, but just enough to sort of discolor tissue when I wipe.



    The test I used just says “Pregnancy Test”. It’s a +/- test I bought at the grocery store I work at, thats all they had. Its a purple and white box, anyone ever use these? Should I maybe try to get another test somewhere?



    i would really try and make it to see the doc….

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