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    Noone wants to face this! My daughter just started going to school just a few weeks ago , and already a girl in her class (her cousin, btw!!!) has head lice. And the stupid, frustrating thing is her mom let her go to school today, after just realizing she had lice LAST NIGHT!!! I am so angry I can’t begin to tell you.
    Well I looked online last night and found a lot of things on tea tree oil and how when used in the hair it can help protect and repel lice. I bought a bottle last night ( you want it in it’s purest form) and added 15 drops to a small water bottle that I spray my daughter’s hair with in the morning. I also soaked her head in it all night! I”m not taking chances , my friend!
    Truly, the testimonies that I heard online from moms who used tea tree oil for their daughter’s hair were amazing, that they never had trouble with the kids getting lice and if they did, it was one egg or one bug and they got rid of it quickly and never had a problem again. I’m talking for years!
    So my advice to moms with kids in school, invest in some tea tree oil! You can even put it in shampoo bottles, 15-20 drops per 8 ounces of shampoo. And you can by shampoo that has tea tree oil already in it.
    Good luck ladies…I’m going for a bug free year!!!



    YIKES, lice already at school? I do hate that pesky lil infestation.



    OH!!! I feel for you! Erin wasn’t even in school yet when she got it from another kids house.
    Its such a pain. But i think picking out all the nits is a very important part of the process of getting rid of them. Also treating your house…pillows, beds, couch, carpet…..EVERYTHING. Its a lot of work but if you want to keep them away you gotta do it all.




    Oh yea, she has a seperate drawer for her hair stuff and combs, away from everyone else’s, I keep her hair up and saturated with gel, mousse and now the tea tree oil. She’ll NEVER where it down to school.
    I am going to by lice spray and spray her bag down with it every week or 2. I’m not playing around with this junk!!! We have LONG hair and we don’t cut it. So it ain’t no joke!!! LOL
    Now I am putting her bedding in the dryer in the morning too after she gets up, and all towels and clothes go straight to the washing machine.



    i had lice back in the day. it was horrible. but advice if your child DOES get it — my mom made getting the bugs and eggs out fun, as weird as that sounds! i had a hard time sitting still for her to do it and i always complained about the pain, so she tried making it fun by singing songs with each other or by playing games like you’d play in the car during a long trip. she would try keeping me occupied so i wouldn’t notice it “hurt” (i’m a major weenie).



    You know. . .

    I certainly appreciate your diligence but I have to say that I spent over a decade teaching and working in a school where lice infestation was common place and I never, not even once had an issue. I highly do NOT recommend using the spray on her bag repeatedly without the presences of an infection (unless I’m thinking of a different one) as it can make her and any children in the house. . .your unborn baby etc. sick. It is a pesticide. As for the tea tree oil. . .it may well be dandy and lovely but I have to say that if you don’t wash her hair every single day but every other day instead it’s a lot cheaper and pretty effective. Lice LOVE clean hair. Hair that isn’t stripped of its natural oils isn’t as prone to lice. And I have to say wearing your hair up definitely helps! Good luck on the bug free zone! ;-)



    Our school had lice the last few days of school—ick! Lice does love clean hair. Some tips we found handy was—do not wash everyday, if your child’s hair is clean spray their hair, backs, jackets, backpacks with hairspray. The lice thinks it is dirty also they get trapped and cannot get to the scalp/material.
    If you are unlucky, mayonaise in the hair will kill them.
    Good Luck



    Tea Tree oil and products never seemed to work for us. Molly seems to be a nit magnet and we’ve just excepted that throughly conditioning and combing her hair through with a nitty gritty comb once a week is the best way deal with then. If we find anything we do it again mid week to stomp on them quick. Most lice are now immune to all the treatments and using stronger treatments makes them stronger.



    I homeschool my child…but she got it last year when I had a home day care…about the only thing that I found to totally get rid of it was vaseline…it takes a few washes to get it all out, but it smothers them pesty creatures in a hurry. We haven’t had a problem since….Good luck!!!!



    Does it get rid of the eggs too?



    I agree with the tea tree oil treatment…don’t like the pesticides at all!!! I also wouldn’t spray her bag for that reason…

    Vaseline does help get the nits out…makes the hair shaft smoother…baby oil or mineral oil does the same thing…wrapping the head with a towel after applying for a while helps too!!



    another trick is vinegar, it gets the eggs out very, very easily. the downside is the smell. but that is what really got rid of them for me.


    Tracey with 6

    saturate the hairin conditioner and comb it all out with a metal nit comb, the conditioner stuns the lice, pour vinegar in the hair and let it set over night , in the morniing comb it out, the vinegar loosens the glue that holds the eggs on, best idsea is to throw away the pillows and buy new ones and lice can live up to 2 days off the human head, Ihave been dealing withthis for 2 years now. goodluck!!



    I was pregnant with my third & my first contracted head lice. Ugh. I was scared to use the pesticides on her & scared to use it period because of my unborn baby. I used an all natural head lice shampoo. It worked safely and quickly.




    Oh same goes here! I have been very careful for my child not to get lice but there’s this one time that my neighbor’s child visits her and saw she has lice on her hear, I just can’t simply tell her to go home because the child is with her mom. I got irritated the next day to found that she already have lice so I went to a pharmacy to ask if there is something they can give for my daughter that has lice. I forgot the name of the shampoo but it really works for her because as you rinse hear head you can see it all come off from her head. Such a relief now.
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