light spotting 4 days before period due?

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    I had sex for the first time on the 7th day of my period. we didn’t use condoms, but my bf didn’t ejaculate in me. a few days after we had sex again using condoms but we used oils and im dont know if it split. after i went to the bathroom and a very thick discharge with a tiny pink spotting was on the tissue. i had urinary track infection and my doctor gave me antibiotics and its ok now. a week after, i had pains in my lower abdominal which just lasted for 1 day. then i had a dull pain on my right side lower abdominal. after a few days it went away. i was vomiting and felt sick for a day (this would be my 18th day of cycle)and just felt bloated for a few days and constipated. the next day i had a tiny bit of pink/red spotting. Now, 1 week after i have light spotting 4 days before my period is due, but i have no stomach cramps and i feel ok, im not stressed or anything. this has! not happened before, does any1 know what is may be?



    All oils make condoms degrade including things like lipstick and vaseline, therefore totally useless, not only that the entire time a ***** is erect sperm is released, so he did ejaculate inside you. Have you both had your STD tests before having sex? If not, go and get them done as soon as and then if you miss your period take a pregnancy test.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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