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    I attempted to get some Lil’ smokies that are on sale 2/$5 today, and I had .35 off any Hillshire Farm smoked sausage (Lil’ Smokies say “Smoked Sausage” on the front of the package..). Got denied, even though the coupons say “ANY”… but it didn’t match the picture. Ugh. Has anyone been able to use coupons on Lil Smokies? I could have sworn I used them before!

    I did feel better getting 6 boxes of Puffs for 48 cents each.



    Hmmm… I almost bought those today with the coupon. I haven’t tried it so I can’t help you, but thanks for the heads up.



    Thanks for the replies. I know I’ve done it before, I was so peeved! I’m going to try again. They’ve printed them before with a picture of Lil Smokies.. I’m going to see if I have any like that. They surely can’t deny them then!



    It doesn’t surprise me – my Schnucks are so anti-coupon that I hardly ever shop there anymore.



    Is Schnucks doubling coupons this week? I didn’t see that in our ad this week.



    I haven’t had a problem using that coupon.. rarely have problems using any. I always go to the young guys who don’t care!

    My Schnucks double to .40 every day.



    Alright. I got my Lil Smokies. The ones that expire 3/31 beeped, the ones that came out last week didn’t. The ones from last week have a pic of Lil Smokies on it, so I used one of those and pointed out that they said “any”. Victory is mine ;-)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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