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    I had my membranes stripped again yesterday, and this time it was obviously more successful than the first time a couple weeks ago! I bled and bled at the doctor’s office, and he and the nurse insisted that that much blood was normal. (My cousin said the same thing, and that she bled that much when she had it done.) Well, I woke up about 3 times in the middle of the night because it felt like I was having my period!! And this morning, same thing. TONS of blood! (TMI). I just sit there and wipe, and wipe, and wipe! And it never seems to go away! Most of it is bloody tissue, but some of it is bright red, and just blood- no tissue. Kinda scary! I’ve soaked up pad after pad, (well, not really soaked up, because the tissue stuff doesn’t really soak in that well). Also, I’ve been soooo crampy! I know the crampying is totally normal, but with all this blood and cramping, I thought I would have gone into labor by now! Doc said that if it’s gonna work, it’s gonna work within the first 24 hours. By 3pm, it will have been 24 hours. Last night I thought for sure I was in labor, but I fell asleep and the contractions stopped! Dang it! Anyway, back to my topic… for those of you who had their membranes stipped before, did you experience this much bleeding??? It seems like so much, but I don’t want to call the doc because I feel like he will think I’m over reacting!



    I would call

    I bled in the doc office ( a lot as well) but it stopped soon (i also went into labor right away tho…)

    Call or head over to the hosital…i bet if you go they will just induce you to have that baby!



    Rhianna, I knew I could count on you for a timely answer! hehe! I was thinking about calling the nurse, and just letting them think I’m an over-reactor! It’s only for a few more days, anyway! LoL! Besides, all this bleeding is incredibly inconvenient (I spend more time in the bathroom than with my daughter!) and it’s making me tired!



    I am always around

    its really not norma, especially if it is making you tired….do not sleep, you may not wake up!l….dont want to scare you but you may be hemorrhaging (sp?) my gf had this happen when she was in labor….lost a ton of blood, needed a tranfusion and everything

    call right now missy!!!



    I must concur!

    Call you doc or nurse or hospital and request to be seen right away. Better yet demand to be admitted and induced.

    Good Luck!



    think about it….you are losing blood….the baby has got to be losing something too….get in there!!!!



    wow yikes! Sounds like a scary ordeal…

    Stripping membranes…can you explain what exactley that is? I have barely ever heard of that?



    If you’re still around reading this, I agree to call!!! But hopefully, you are already on your way, and we’ll have a nice birth story to read in a few days! Good luck!



    not really sure exactly what happens…but i know the nurse sticks her fingers “in” and swirls them around in circles…i think it opens something up…or softens something….not so sure…just know it put me into labor!!!



    [quote=vanaden]Stripping membranes…can you explain what exactley that is? I have barely ever heard of that?[/quote]

    Not sure if I have the best explanation as to what it is… but the doctor uses his finger to strip the membranes away from the cervix, triggering the cervix to dilate. Something similar to that! Yesterday when he did this, I went from 3 cm to 3 1/2 cm. just like that from having the membranes stripped! It was exciting. (And painful!)

    As you all can see, I’m still here! I called, and the nurse said this much bleeding is totally normal. My cousin said the same thing as you, Rhi, that she didn’t have this much bleeding because she went into labor that same day. I get light headed and tired with my period, too, so I’m wondering if it’s just similar. She said as long as I’m not completely saturating a one pad every hour, then it’s ok. And since it’s mostly mucusy blood stuff, it’s just my mucus plug (even though I insisted I lost that two weekends ago!!). But I guess there is a plentiful blood/mucus supply around the cervix, so loosing this much isn’t harmful, and it may even be a good thing, signaling that I will go into labor soon!

    I just feel like if I haven’t gone into labor yet, then I won’t anytime soon. And then this bleeding better stop, because I don’t want to put up with this much bleeding for much longer if I’m not going to get a baby out of it! LoL!

    Thanks for the replys, everyone. If I’m still bleeding like this later tonight, I’m going in! I don’t know what they would say or do, as I’m sure they get tons of frustrated mothers everyday! I don’t have that internal instinct that something is wrong just yet, but at night I am in so much pain, and it’s never labor!! It really wears a person down, ya know??



    I know what you mean…I got like that with Jaecy too. Always thought I was in labor (mainly because i DID go into labor at 31 weeks)

    Do you have steps? Walk them a few times…take Alex out for a long stroller walk. Im sure she would love that! Go window shopping…anything to keep you moving!!

    Im so excited for you! I feel like you JUST announced your pregnancy!



    Yeah, I think we’re gonna take a walk to the park! Then swing. I hear swinging can help, too! LOL! I am so desperate! And like you, Rhi, I went into early labor with Alex, at about 33-34 weeks, so I was convinced that would happen with this one, as well! And the doc also said there isn’t much chance that I’d make it to my due date (which is in 4 days!) haha! I guess anything can happen!

    At this rate, I’m still going to be pregnant at Christmas!



    I promise you won’t be pregnant until Christmas!! :lol: Every day I keep wondering if you’ve met your little man, yet! The good news is the longer he “bakes” the stronger he will be. My SIL is a NICU nurse and she’s told me countless times how white male babies are the weakest when they are born. The nurses call it “Wimpy White Boy Syndrome” She’d remind me of that every time I’d complain about the last days of pregnancy. He was born, on his own, at 41 weeks, 1 day and has always been perfectly healthy.I’m almost 37 weeks and I’m praying every day that I STAY pregnant, even though I’m starting to get uncomfortable, having trouble sleeping, etc. I especially can’t go into labor today because DH had to fly to CA for a meeting. He took a 6am flight there and is taking a 5pm flight back. I told him–no more business trips after this one :)



    wow! What a scary thing to have him so far away!! And thats a ton of traveling for him too ((((HUGS)))

    And you are right about the whimpy white boy syndrome thing…my gf has a 24 weeker…white baby girl…the nurses all said if she were a boy she would have NEVER made it!



    i have been stripped 4-5 times because i was always over due and never once bleed i would go to the ER, better safe than sorry

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