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    Someone in my congregation has lost a loved one and I was planning on making some food for him. He is an older gentleman and I’m not really sure what to make. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!!



    There might be a lot of people bringing food to him, all appreciated, of course, so something he can freeze would be great if he has too much, or if he doesn’t feel like eating. Small portions of something that can freeze and then reheat in the microwave would be thoughtful and very useful a few weeks down the line. Maybe with some cookies he could eat now, or a loaf of fresh baked bread.



    I always wait a few weeks, becuae everyone helps in the begining. but after the first 2 weeks they are alone and everyone is gone. SO i call up ask what they would like, make it and stay for a spell and talk. it helps those first long lonely days (or so one person told me)




    Yes, I like the idea of waiting a week or two and then bringing several homemade freezer dishes for him to heat up in the microwave.

    You could just make a little extra every night for dinner and then place his in the freezer.

    You are a sweetie!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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