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    Okay so I saw my lawyer today and I told him I want a “morality clause” in our divorce decree because we have small children (which basically means no one of the opposite sex can spend the night while the children are in our care- this clause will affect ME more than him) and he wants to fight me on it…. God forbid should he be a decent and MORAL person in front of our kids the whole 3 days he’ll have them….. Any thoughts?



    Not having a person of the opposite sex for overnights when the kids are there is pretty standard. Even among couples I know who are engaged, they have been very careful about introducing their relationship to the kids.

    Now I had no luck with this because my ex is gay and insists he is not. So of course, having men overnight was apparently no problem as long as I was the only one who recognized what was going on and could be belittled. Amazed me that in court no one wanted to deal with this.

    This nonsense should not have to be stated, but unfortunately it does. Some people are just so selfish.



    I think you have every right to include a morality clause!



    Most decent people could see why I want it…. he’s talking about moving in with that girl he’s been messing with for the last week….. yeah it’s already going that badly…. no wonder I need a morality clause….



    This gives your kids something new to adjust to in addition to the divorce. Daddy moved out. Daddy moved in with some other lady. And then another. And then another.

    He’s a father with children and he needs to adjust his “lifestyle” to accomodate them. not expect them to accomodate him.



    I completely agree with you. There is NO reason to introduce a new gf/bf to the kids… what if they get attached and it doesn’t work out? Stay strong hon… hopefully he’ll see the light. He is just being selfish!



    I agree, you have every right to request that clause. Stand your ground and fight for what you know is the right thing for your children.



    I have a delima. I have been seperated from my wife for 9 months. Completely seperated. We should be divorced in a month or two. We have two daughters, 7 and 9. Our divorce is non-contested…..I basically gave her everything because my kids would only suffer if I took anything. So I took what was mine. I am supposed to get them every Thursday and Friday and every other weekend. I would not leave the house till I got more than just every other weekend. Today I learned that she has her boyfriend living in the same house as my daughters. This makes me very mad because we talked about not having anybody in the house over night. My question is…should I force the morality clause with a non-contested divorce and can the judge make him move out of my kids house? I have read all these reply’s and wonder why my wife doesn’t get it.



    I’d contest it if I were you. And what do you mean, you gave her everything? Didn’t you get things set up for child support, etc? That’s not everything.

    The problem with a non contested divorce is that when someone gives up “everything” , then later someone is not happy. Either the person who gave up too much gets mad and decides to fight, or the person who took too much wants more and always plays games.

    I would definitely fight this, since it is a bit soon to be moving in with a new boyfriend – dating is one thing, but the ink is not dry on the divorce and they have a new step dad – and often the way it goes they will have step dad after step dad. So you do have to intervene.

    Is your custody agreement in writing? It should be.



    I think that is a very good idea the kids don’t need to be confused, i don’t see why he is fighting you on this.

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