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    Don’t judge please. I just have no where to get help.

    Okay so I have an Asian family, just live with my mom and 3 kids(including me)
    My mom is always worried about me, for god sakes I’m 17 years old and turning 18 soon, I could never do anything with my friends, go out with the movies and stuff. My mom doesn’t even let me ride a bike, she saids it’s too dangerous , like I’m 17 year and my friends could ride bikes around and they’re younger than me. How do I persuade my mom to let me do something like go out for once and awhile, I’m tired of staying in the house all day long. She is always concerned of my sisters too. They can’t even do much either, worries too much about them, they can’t even walk home, we live like literally right next to school and she pays an adult to get my little sister home, like WTF? How can I get my mom to understand how I feel, I want to get out into the world meet new people, find new things I love. I’m attempting to join the navy just to get away from her, maybe I’ll have more freedom. Please give me some advice, I always fight with her, my mom thinks she’s always right.



    Maybe she should meet with other parents and they can talk with her about this problem. You can share that in school and maybe they will help you some how…



    Your mom sounds stubborn. And please keep in mind that she loves you so much that she just can’t seem to let you go as annoying as this may be, but her intentions are good. PLEASE, I repeat PLEASE do not join the navy just to get away from her unless that is really what you want. Focus on your future right now…college, work, something. Your almost 18 and your freedom is right around the corner. Best of luck and hang in there. Some day you will understand where she is coming from.



    I think its natural possessiveness a mother has for her kids. Sometimes parents are over protective and won’t let their kids go out and do stuff out of their sight. You should show her with your attitude that you are a grown child now. You are mature enough to take up any hurdle. I know its hard but keep trying and don’t lose your hope.

    Wish you best of luck :)



    That’s a very usual thought of Asian mothers. I think you should talk to her frankly about that. On your 18th birthday, you “declare” that you are old enough to do things by yourself in front of other people! I think your mother will understand! Good luck!



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    Tell her you won;’accept it anymore and that you will now be doing the following reasonable things despite what she says or thinks. You’re not asking to do coke or something. She’ll get over it. But realize that her rules are seriously harming your sense of self, and improving that is more important than what she thinks. Be selfish.

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