My poor baby- Blood in pee, went to hospital.

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    Last Wednesday (Nov. 12), when I was changing Devon’s diaper in the morning, I noticed there was blood in the diaper, right where his ‘pee pee’ touches. I called his doctor, but he wasn’t in the office that day, so I just spoke with the phone nurse, who consulted with another doctor, and they decided everything was OK. They thought it was just surface bleeding left over from his circumcision. He is over two months old! And I was POSITIVE it wasn’t from the outside! It was definately something that was on the inside of his ‘pee pee’ and came out when he peed or was already mixed in with his pee.. Either way- not good. She said he didn’t need to come in to be checked out, though. I should have ignored her advice and took him in anyway. On Monday morning, more bleeding in the diaper. Not as much, though. I was afraid to call because I felt like I was being "one of those moms". But the yesterday, Same Thing!! I called the office and insisted that he be seen, since this was the third time in one week that he had blood in his diaper. The phone nurse (same one! I wrote down the name!) remembered me and asked if I was SURE it wasn’t just a scratch on the surface of his ‘pee pee’. I almost asked to speak with someone who was going to take me seriously. She finally got me an appointment for that same day (yesterday, the 20th) for 5:00pm. It wasn’t with the usual ped. but that’s ok.The doc did an evaluation of him, and after we determined that he was ABSOLUTELY NOT peeing enough (one relatively wet diaper all day) she started to think something was up. This was about 5:30pm and the last diaper that was wet was at 10:00am. She insterted a cathedar, but nothing came out!! Nothing! She decided that either there was a problem with his body making waste (she didn’t get into the specifics about that because she doubts that’s it) or that there are valves where the urethra connects to the bladder, in which case the cathedar might not be able to enter the bladder. We sat for hours (lab closed at 8pm and sent us home!) trying to get Devon to either pee on his own (tried Pedielyte) or by using the cathedar. No pee. Not even a drop. And he was an angry baby! So the doc decided that there is a chance that he has this Posterior Urethral Valve and got us an appointment at the Children’s Hospital in St. Paul in the radiology department for today, where they test for it. The tests were relatively negative (whatever that means– I guess the actual Radiologist has to review the x-ray slides first), but they will let us know on Monday. Long story short– Devon has pee in his diaper, he pees very infrequently, has horrible pains somewhere in his body that we can’t determine, stopped eating unless he absolutely has to (and then he just falls asleep right away anyway).. I’m so angry at that phone nurse last week for being so nonchalant about it! I should have trusted my instincts. The doctor said there is definately something wrong, and we’ll find out what it is. It’s probably not this PUV, but it is something else. Doc said we will do an ultrasound on Monday to take a look at his kidneys and bladder to see if there is something wrong there. They also took a pee sample to rule out infection, as he doesn’t have a fever or anything, but you never know.Anyway, sorry for the long post! I’m just so scared for him. He cries and cries, and it’s his ‘Help me, I’m hurt’ cry! I feel so helpless, and I can’t believe we have to wait until Monday to find out more! If he continues to be lathargic-like over the weekend I think we will take him to the ER. Not sure what they can do, though, but at least we’ll be attempting to help him! Anyone else experience anything similar?



    By the way, sorry that it’s so hard to read!! For some reason I can’t create paragraphs! And it turns out all jumbled! Strange.



    I am so sorry!!!!!! That’s terrible that they’re making him wait!!! I would be taking him to the ER to try to get someone to look at him now. I will pray for him…that’s so scary. :hug’s



    Awwwwww poor babe. What Doctors office do you use?? I am angry at them and I don’t even know where you go. I hope they can figure out what is wrong with him. Keep us updated with what is going on.. I hope Devon feels better soon and Mommy too! :)






    I hate hate hate when people don’t take me seriously about my kids… You are their MOTHER, your instincts are better then theirs!!

    I hope everything is okay, you and Devon will be in my prayers!!!



    i have no advice, only hugs. :hug: keep us updated!

    btw – i would DEFINITELY have a word with that nurse after you get a diagnosis! (something along the lines of “shut your trap and stick to scheduling appointments.” would suit just fine!)



    Prayers for your little darling!
    Hugs for you.

    Let us know how things go with your son.
    I do not think I would wait until Monday, if he is not having wet diapers!
    There has to be some specialist on-call that could check it out.

    Keep pushing the electrolytes and water.



    poor baby…and mommy too!
    The sooner you get things figured out the better.
    I’d take him in right away if he’s not wetting normally.



    Sending (((((hugs)))))) and prayers for Devon and you….



    I am so worried…



    You know, I was just talking to my best friend about motherly instincts and medicine. She is a doctor herself, and a mother of four, and she gets so irritated with other physicians/nurses that just blow people off. She said “You ALWAYS pay attention to the patient. Sometimes, it does end up being in their head, but most of the time, it’s not…especially with mothers. Doctors tend to think that they know it all and that everything is by the books. Not everything is -and that’s how new things get discovered.” I am by no means saying that your son has something new wrong… I’m just quoting her to support your motherly instincts. You’re the one who lives with him and knows what’s normal with him and what’s not. If the nurse or doctor doesn’t have enough compassion to listen to you, then you should find someone new. If your son is screaming out of the ordinary, then something’s obviously wrong. I think doctors fail to realize that mothers aren’t going to bring in their child to be checked and go through tests and such if there’s nothing wrong. No one with a heart would do that. So, there’s obvious reason to at least SPEAK and LOOK. Hope everything turns out alright!



    Thanks for all the support, everyone! I’m grateful to all of you who actually made it through my jumbled post! The doctor from the Children’s Hospital called and verified that the VCUG test came back normal. The ped. from our regular clinic called a few minutes later and she said that she talked with Children’s and since the test came back normal, he should be fine. I was kind of angry because just because that ONE test came back normal doesn’t mean that something else isn’t the problem! A few days ago, when we originally saw her, she mentioned that if this test is normal than we should do an ultrasound on him of his kidneys and bladder just to get a better look and make sure it’s not those that’s causing the problem. However, last night she said Good news! All is well! As if the problem is solved now.. I just don’t get it.

    Last night until this morning he didn’t have a wet diaper. When I changed him this morning his diaper was dry (almost completely.. but there was about “one pee” in there), and there was a bit of blood. Not too much, just about the same amount as the last time (Thursday). DH said he thinks maybe it’s those “urine crystals” that the doctor said happen in babies sometimes. (Not sure what they are, but they didn’t seem like they were a problem.) I agree that it was less ‘red’ and not as much this time, but the first time I am very positive it was blood. No mistake there.

    Anyway, thanks again for listening to me! We are going to take him in again on Monday or Tuesday (or whenever they will take us!) and at least try to get more answers, even if they don’t do more tests.

    And Stephanie- We go to Stillwater Clinic. Both of my babies were born at Lakeview in Stillwater. We really like it there! (Except when we get the brush off!)



    That doctor has lost her mind if she thinks that rarely peeing is ok, and especially if that pee has blood. I’d take him into the ER just for peace of mind. Trust your instincts!



    Maybe I missed this…but how many wet diapers in 24 hours is he having?

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