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    What nicknames and sweet names have you given (or will give) your children? What nicknames and sweet names did your parents give you?

    My daddy always called me Jesse Juice. And every once in a while I would get Princess, which stuck with me through highschool, because that is what alot of my friends would call me. I plan to call my little girl bunny! I know an english woman who calls her daughter ‘Bunny!’ and I just thought for one of those sweet endearing terms like darling and sweetheart, it’s definately different. I also have a cousin who has a little girl and she is the youngest of the 18 great grandchildren (I am the oldest! That would make her my second cousin right?) and even though she has a name, everyone in the family calls her Baby. Just like dirty dancing. It didn’t end up being just a sweet name, it stuck!:eek:



    Haha- well, my name is Amber, and for some reason my Grandmother and a few other relatives started calling me Bambi. I’m 25, and she still calls me that!

    Although I would say I’m lucky compared to my brother and mom. My brother’s name is Ethan, and he wasn’t a very cute baby (seriously- he looked very strange until he reached toddler age)- so he ended up with the nn ET- as in phone home (haha- sucka). My mom’s name is Charmaine, and she is the 3rd of 11 children- when she was born one of her older sisters started calling her Chow, because I guess to a 4 year old my mom looked like a Chow dog puppy as a baby. It stuck- and she still gets called that on occasion :)

    If this baby is a girl, I’ll probably end up calling her Kitten- because I think newborn cats and babies sound pretty similar (have been around both fairly often). If it’s a boy, the name we have chosen already has a built-in nn (Thorson- aka Thor)- and if he follows after my fiance and I, the nn will def fit (we are both very pale with almost black hair and blue eyes- it just seems to suit the name). That, and we’re both loud as hell, so a name that means “thunder” will suit this family just fine :)



    atm i keep calling it Bubbie or sometimes mummy’s bubbie/baby, but sometimes i catch myself calling it princess (shh don’t it that if it happens to be a boy)… i don’t know what it will be called when it’s born or find out the sex



    Noah doesn’t really have a nickname that we call him. Occasionally we do call him Noah Monster and as a baby we called him Stink. Ridley is our Riddlebugs and yes he lives up to it. Ladybugs are his favorite thing in the world. Charles is our Little Chuck-Chuck or Chuck or ChuckyBoy or Charlie; whatever he responds to when we are trying to get his attention.

    For daughters I may or may not have I would love to name Shaylor Nichole aka Nickie and Carlin Marie aka Carlie.



    Somehow Heike’s nickname evolved into Peanut. We called her that from the moment she was born, and it stuck. She occaisonally gets “Skinny Butt” because she’s a thin little monkey.

    Amber, the poor thing, is so much bigger than Heike! She’s in the 90th percentile for weight (Heike was always in the 25th, thanks to her hypothyroidism), so her nickname is Chubbs. We sneak Princess in there, too, but most often, she’s Chubbs. :)



    my mom calls aiyana “yaya” (which means grandma in greek lol) she normaly gets called baby or baby girl. my nn from df is lady so sometimes he calls her lil lady



    My Dad called me Teenie, or sometimes Chrissy-tina.

    We call Bobbie, Bean; Jessica, Hunchie; Sydney, Rootie; and Conner I’ve been calling him Handsome. He’s only 5 months, so I don’t know if that nickname will stick or not!



    oh ya i forgot what mine were, my pap and dad used to call me messy jessie my cusin was serene the machine lol. my mom called me buffy or buff



    [QUOTE=MiracleBaby06]oh ya i forgot what mine were, my pap and dad used to call me messy jessie my cusin was serene the machine lol. my mom called me buffy or buff[/QUOTE]

    lol! That’s too funny ’cause we used to call Jessica “messy jessie” until she forbade us to call her Jessie. :(

    Now that you’ve reminded me…lmao!



    I dont have kids but am responsible for all the nieces and nephews nicknames. They all stick. Jaden age 7 has always been called bubylou. I dont know why but he loves it and it is still there after 7 years. Chase age 3 has always been called Ba Ba no it isnt because of bottles there was a cartoon called BaBarr and he loved it as a baby. So we called him babarr for awhile but BA BA is what his brother called him and i thought it was cute. So he is Itsa Ba Ba. And Samantha age 2 has always been called sammie wammy as she has been able to hit pretty hard even as a premie in her isolete. Angel age 3 has always been called by her name but it doesnt suite her she is a demon so we call her demon baby. Jade age 1 has always been jadeybug. She is a cute little a lady. My nicknames were Kris Ballerina and Kitty Dont know why but they have always been my DH calls me BeBe. I call him poopy why i dont know



    Our baby girl’s nickname is sweet peach because she was born with soft, strawberry blonde hair like a peach! :)


    Aiden&Alejandros Mommy

    thata cute Melissa…how are you feeling?



    I’m feeling pretty well, other than being sore. Thanks for asking Lessly :) .

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