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    Tuesday morning, garbage day. Jonas, age 10, is responsible for taking the garbage to the curb. We live on a fairly busy street and he catches the bus to school directly across from our house. So I brought up all the recyclables and garbage bags from the basement and Jonas had just finished taking them all to the curb. It was a super windy NNY morning and there were two smallish bags of garbage right in the middle of the street. Now, like I said, this is a fairly busy street and this is during the AM rush, so cars are driving around this random garbage the wind had blown into the street. Across the street at the bus stop there was an adult woman, several children and an adult male. These two bags had been in the street the entire time Jonas and I had been working and I wondered about these adults across the street who totally ignored the garbage in the street. Seeing it as an opportunity to further my son’s growth as a gentleman and responsible young man, I told him to get the bags out of the street and put them on the neighbor’s curb. The adult male across the street then went down the street and picked up the garbage can that, apparently, had contained these bags and which I recognized as being my neighbors. Jonas put the first bag in the garbage container (meanwhile the older gentleman had resumed his spot at the bus stop) and was waiting for traffic to pass in order to pick up the second bag. I was standing just outside the doorway watching/directing my son when a woman drives by, rolls her window down and SCREAMS “He shouldn’t be doing that!!! You should!!!”. Jonas proceeded to get the other bag, put it in the garbage can and went to the bus stop. Clearly this woman and I had very differing opinions on raising boys! What do you think???



    …still looking for some insight please! :)



    Everyone has their own opinion, and some people are pretty quick to share theirs. ;)

    I think as long as you were watching your son, because you stated that it was a very busy street, it was okay. My 11 year old could handle such a job with no problem, and parents can’t always do everything for their children. I think it’s great that you are trying to teach him to be a responsible young man. Too many people would just ignore the trash in the street!!



    Thanks Ellen :)



    I think it is perfectly fine that your son was doing that. My 9 year old boy roles our trash can down to the end of the drive way. Sometimes people should just keep their opinions to themselves.



    I think you should always follow your instincts when it comes your son. People need to mind their own business. After all you carried your him for 9 mos, you gave birth, you got up with him in the middle of the night to feed him, so on and so on. I think it’s your right to raise your child the way you wish and not worry about others opinions.



    I have to say that if I SAW what you described, I’d probably think the same as the lady driving by. However, I would probably have DONE the same thing that you did! Does that make sense? We’re all just a little too quick to judge others, you know?



    Hilarious Kara….I know exactly what you mean! I want to instill a toughness and courage in my son. And a sense of responsibility. Him dealing with the traffic, picking up the bags of a stranger, hauling the garbage to the curb. I think you are right. We are quick to draw conclusions and judgements. She possibly saw me in my robe in the doorway and my son in his winter jacket outside and maybe thought I was lazy and my poor little son nothing but an abused servant!! lol My son is the third of four children and the oldest boy at 10. He has two teenaged sisters and a five yr old brother. He is a little man :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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