When Kids Stop Believing in Santa

Does your family celebrate Christmas? If so, then it is likely that the topic of Santa Claus has come up at least once. Many families include visiting Santa at the mall, and writing him a letter, as part of their Christmas traditions. It makes for happy childhood memories for little children. Parents may become a bit perplexed about what to do when their children stop believing in Santa. How can you tell if your child has stopped believing in Santa? Sometimes, it becomes obvious. Your kid suddenly declares that Santa isn’t real (and appears to be comfortable with that knowledge). … Continue reading

Holy Flow Parenting – A New Style

What would you say if someone were to ask you what your parenting style was? There are some who would readily identify as a helicopter parent, or a “Tiger Mother”. Some parents would describe their style as authoritative, and others might say their style is traditional. What if you don’t feel like you fit into any of those boxes? Maybe your style is similar to Holy Flow parenting. Holy Flow parenting is a concept that appears to have been created by Brooke Hampton. You can learn more details about her parenting style, her family, and more on her blog Barefoot … Continue reading

Criticism From Mom “Shuts Down” Teen’s Brains

No one ever said that parenting a teenager would be easy. Have you ever felt like your teen stopped being “present” while you were talking to him or her? There is a reason for that, especially if you were complaining at the time. A study found that teen’s brains actually “shut down” when the teen hears criticism that comes from his or her mother. Many parents have wondered about what goes on in the brains of their teenagers. A group of researchers attempted to find out. The group of researchers were from the Universities of Pittsburgh, California-Berkeley, and Harvard. The … Continue reading

Siblings Sharing Parents Experience Lifelong Effects

Did you get along with your siblings when you were a child? What’s your relationship with them like now that all of you are adults? Researchers have discovered that brothers and sisters who share parents can have a very different experience from each other. What they found can help parents of today make their kid’s relationship with their siblings into a more positive experience. An article at Medical Daily was written by Chris Weller. In it, he points out that each kid that has to share his or her parents with their siblings has a different experience – even though … Continue reading

Tips for First Time Hosts of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is celebrated with family. It always includes a big dinner with tons of food. This can be overwhelming for first time hosts of Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t panic! Try these tips to help calm your nerves and make your first hosting a successful one. There are two things that can make a person who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner nervous. One is that the guests are going to expect specific foods that are made exactly the way that mom or grandma used to make. Their big expectations can be hard to live up to. The other difficulty, of course, is that … Continue reading

Your Parenting Style Impacts Your Teen’s Autonomy

One of the many goals of parenting is to raise children who become successful adults. Ideally, teens should develop the skills they need in order to become adults who can function in the “real world”. A study shows that your parenting style impacts your teen’s autonomy and the quality of his or her romantic relationships as an adult. Developmentally speaking, teenagers are at a stage when they are beginning to separate from their family and seek out their own, individual, identity. Little kids typically have a strong desire to seek approval from their parents. Teens, however, are much more interested … Continue reading

Signs that you Might be the “Default” Parent

There is a somewhat controversial article going around the internet about the “default” parent. Some people seem to relate to what it talks about. Others seem to feel that the concept does not (or should not) exist. What’s a “default” parent? Why is this concept generating online drama? Here are some signs that you might be the “default” parent in your household. Writer M. Blazoned wrote a post titled The Default Parent on her blog. It has been cross-posted to Huffington Post. It is well worth taking the time to read. The comments left on her blog are, for the … Continue reading

Your 18-Year-Old “Child” is Technically an Adult

In the United States, a person legally becomes an adult when he or she reaches age 18. This might be a shock to parents whose 18-year-olds are finishing high school and living under their roof. Parents need to be aware of certain things that change the minute their “baby” turns 18. Your child will always be your “baby”, no matter how old they become. However, legally speaking, that “baby” turns into an adult on his or her 18th birthday. Parents need to prepare themselves to accept this fact. An adult is not legally obligated to check in with his or … Continue reading

Kids Today Aren’t Assigned Chores

Do you require your children to do chores? I don’t mean the occasional request to help with a little bit of cleaning. Instead, I mean regularly assigned tasks that you expect your child to complete on a daily or weekly basis. It appears that the majority of parents today are not assigning chores to their children. A survey conducted by Whirlpool found that 82% of Americans did chores when they were children. That same survey found that only 28% of parents today are assigning their children chores. What changed between today and when the current generation of parents were kids? … Continue reading

Tiger Mother Parenting Can Lead to Problems

What’s your parenting style? Many parents use the same parenting style that they were raised in. It is comfortable, familiar, and fits their cultural background. Parents also strive to raise their children in a way that will teach them to become successful, self-sufficient, adults. Sometimes, it turns out that a particular parenting style is not as advantageous as people might assume. A study found that the “Tiger Mother” type of parenting is not helpful (and might do more harm than good). What is a “Tiger Mother”? The Macmillian Dictionary defines it as: a very strict mother who makes her children … Continue reading