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    Here is a good example:
    a 12 year old girl is going into junior high and she
    wants to get her ears pierced.

    In my state, she has to have a parent with her to give consent.

    Another example:
    a 17 yo boy wants to get his tongue pierced
    and neesd his Mom or Dad to go with to give consent for this piercing.

    Do you believe minors should need a parent’s
    consent for piercing of body parts?

    Why or why not?



    Of course they should have parental consent. Piercing can be very dangerous! There’s many risks involved such as infection, nerve damage-short or long term, and even death.

    Did you know that if a certain spot on the tongue is pierced, it could swell up to practically the size of a basketball and cause suffocation?

    Did you know that the wrong use of alcohol and peroxide to clean the piercing can cause chemical burns?

    Do your children know all the rules of getting a piercing? Such as ALWAYS ask to see the autoclave (sp?) which is the thing that looks like a small safe sitting in the room, that sterilizes all the piercing equipment. Make sure everything they use is taken out of a clean, NEW package. I have gotten many piercings in my life (ears, tongue, eyebrow, lebre, navel, nose) so if there’s anything to learn I pretty much know it. I have seen piercings go wrong and experienced piercing s gone wrong. (btw, I went to a place that didn’t care if the parent was with us or not as long as we had $$. Its been shut down for almost ten years now.)

    I absolutely do think a parent needs to be there. And be informed!



    I agree with you completely! All of those things should be considered before choosing to have a piercing. And what do teenagers really now anyways. I was an ignorant teenager once not very long ago. I had to have my belly button pierced and my mother wouldn’t take me so I pierced it by myself with a safety pin. Boy, after having a baby don’t I wish I had just waited.

    Young people need to be informed of all the risks, and that even though a piercing is not permanent, the scar is, even the best piercing with no infections and no compications will leave a scar. I know when I was younger I didn’t care about that. Now that I’ve grown up a little, I do. I have my tongue, nose and labre done and I can live with those scars, but I certaintly would think long and hard about having any more.



    I too believe parental consent should be required. I might have some different views from many. If your teen wants a piercing and you, the parent say no, they might get it done anyway, in a none safe way.
    No, I’m not saying that we should always say yes, I’m only saying that through my own two daughters I’ve seen other teens get serious infections because mom and dad said no and they did it anyway :(
    I said yes to multiple ear piercings, but I was clear I didn’t agree and I didn’t care for them. I also made them wait 12 months before saying yes. The deal was that if in 12 months they still wanted it, I would agree.



    I agree also with the consent you just never know what the kids can do lol



    [QUOTE]I had to have my belly button pierced and my mother wouldn’t take me so I pierced it by myself with a safety pin. [/QUOTE]
    I totally did the same thing! Hurt when my mom yanked it out though….



    [quote=JeanLynn81]I totally did the same thing! Hurt when my mom yanked it out though….[/quote]

    I agree with having a parents consent on pierceing.It can be very dangerous if done in the hands of the wrong person.

    My dd is six and she just had her ears pierced. I waited for the day for her to ask me to do it. I still kinda think she is to young but it looks cute!



    I definately agree that kids should have parental consent to get pierced. I wnet to Canada on a class trip when I was 16 and got two piercings and one got infected. I was so dumb back then!



    When I was 17 I got a few piercings done with my parents permission. This allowed me to go to the cleanest piercing shop in the area, where as if I didn’t have a parent I would’ve had to have gone to a more… shady place to get pierced. I’ve never had a single infection from any of my 6 piercings.



    I totally agree that they should have parental consent. I wouldn’t want my kids to get it done by some shady person that has a piercing gun and doesn’t care about age but will do it for $20



    I guess I am the only one who thinks that piercings aren’t a big deal…they grow over if you take them out. They’re not like a tattoo or something else permanent. Wouldn’t bother me at all if my kid came home with a piercing as long as it was done safely and he/she took good care of it.



    I think parental consent shoul dbe required up until the day the child turns 18. After that they are legal to do anything in this country besides purchase and drink alcohol, so that means legally they can make they own decisions. I would never want my underage child coming home with a piercing or tattoo. I fully support them getting either one or both but before I sign for it they must give me a legitamit (sp?) reason why they want to do it. I don’t see how that is so wrong. Even if I weren’t a parent I would be in favor of parental consent. I know all the stupid stuff I did as a teeanger and I know how upset my mother would have been if she had known about it all. So yeah I most derfinitely side on Parental Consent.



    [QUOTE]Wouldn’t bother me at all if my kid came home with a piercing as long as it was done safely and he/she took good care of it.[/QUOTE]

    But how do you know it was done safely, unless you were there?



    Ears are typical in todays world. I find it to be acceptable with a parents permission. Maybe the parent should be there to make sure it’s done in a sanitary situation, you don’t want your kid with an infected tongue right right? Maybe it;s simply against their religious beliefs. Maybe the parent just doesn’t want their kid regretting a hole in their face. I don’t think most teenagers realize that once that hole is in your face it’s a scar forever. I have a scar from my lip ring, it;s ugly and I hate it. I sort of wish my father hadn’t given me permission to do that when I was 16 lol.

    You couldn’t go out and get breast implants without a parents permission, why should a piercing be any different? You’re getting skin sliced.



    There is an important parenting philosophy at the root of this question. How much independence do you allow/want your child to have?

    Personally, this is just a REALLY scary idea-and I don’t even have teenagers yet. (I’m still hoping that they will find a cure for that before my oldest hits 13-LOL)

    The rule for earrings in our house is that you have to demonstrate that you are capable of taking care of your body first. My oldest is 8, and she still forgets to brush her teeth or hair sometimes. When she can take care of herself, then we’ll broach the subject of getting her ears pierced.

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