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    I read on the internet somewhere that it was best to take a home pregnancy test in the morning when you first wake up. Does anybody know if this is true??
    If not, Does anybody know when is the best time? I am wanting to take one, but want to make sure I take it at the best time.
    Thanks for your help.



    Home pregnancy tests are much more sophisticated than they used to be. You can take them any time of day now. If you’re pregnant, it should show up. If you still have concerns after taking a home test, you should go to a doctor and have them test you.



    The whole idea with a pregnancy test being more accurate in the morning is because the level of HCG (the pregnancy hormone) is higher, simply because it has been a longer amount of time since you have peed. However, pregnancy tests now and days are supposed to work any time of day, but if you are still worried, just take it in the morning and then you can be sure.



    yeah it’s because your urine is of the highest concentration in the morning. (that’s assuming you’ve been asleep all night)



    Thats true…My two sisters took a pregnancy test at night and it was negative…but the very next morning when they woke up they took another one and it was positive and it was right the second time!!



    My doctor says “If it’s negative…it could be wrong….but a positive is NEVER wrong”



    It says right on the box- your HcG hormones are most present in the morning and tests may be more accurate at that time. However, I took my test at midnight and was definitly positive. I think that is just a helpful hint for couples who have been TTC and really want the most accurate reading. For me, I wasn’t TTC and was just curious, since I was “feeling” pregnant. Nevertheless, it was still very accurate!!



    I completely agree that a positive result is not often wrong…I have personally never heard of a false positive result—But, negative results are often wrong. I usually suggest that if you get a negative result take the test again in another day or so….

    I also recommend that if your result is negative and you are taking the test because you have pregnancy symptoms….and these symptoms do not go away withing a few days to see your doctor as there may be some other serious medical reason… If it is just to Check….I hope you get the results YOU WANT :)



    Some hpt’s recommend using the early morning urine because that’s when the concentration of the pregnancy hormone ‘hcg’ is at it’s peak. Some of the ‘early’ tests are more sensitive than the other ‘regular’ hpt’s and therefore it doesn’t matter what time of day you test.
    Either way, if you get a positive result, it’s probably correct, however if you get a negative result, you could still be pregnant and there’s just not enough hcg in your urine to show up on the test.
    The only way to really know for sure is to get a blood test from your doctor.
    Best of luck!

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