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    I feel like I am going crazy! I am having so many pg symptoms yet the tests are coming out negative (besides two faint positives taken at the beginning of the month!). The thing is, I have been feeling pg for a couple of months now. I have been having nausea, sore boobs, i’m tired all the time, eat all the time (I’ve gained almost 20 lbs this summer!), i’m feeling slight movements and today I happened to look at my breasts and what do I see? Raised bumps everywhere. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go back to my doctor and cause a big fuss but I really feel like I could be pg. I’ve had a tubal pregnancy and a miscarriage as well as two healthy pregnancies so it’s not like I don’t know the symptoms. I’m just wondering is it really possible to be pregnant with no hcg in your system? Please help!!!!!!!!



    yes it is possible. I get pregnant and have no detectable hcg in my urine. I have only had one urine test come back positive. Normally though once you hit 8-10 weeks it should be detectable.



    Same with me – no positive urine tests. have some bloodwork done – that will tell you for sure!



    how far along do you think you are?



    Definitely see about getting some b/w done…let us know how things go!!



    Well if I am, I am thinking I am somewhere between 12-16 weeks. I went to the dr and got bloodwork done this morning. I’ll let everyone know!!



    wow let us know how it turns out…



    I hope you get the answer you’re looking for!
    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!



    ohhh, I can’t wait to hear the results.
    When do you expect them to come in?



    Good luck! I hope you get the answer you’re looking for



    lots of luck to you! keep us posted!



    wow that is really far along for not having any in your urine. The drs cant explain why it happens but it does. I hope you get the answer you want. GL and keep us posted



    After 12 weeks and certainly by 16 the doctor/midwife would be able to feel your uterus as it moved up and out of the pelvis.



    Ugh! I hate drs! I was told at the office to call back later in the day, called around 1pm, was told to call back at 4:30pm, so I did only to hear “we won’t have those results until monday.” GRRR! I’ll let everyone know, thanks for all your replies, especially since I was an unknown poster lol!



    well the test results were negative..thanks for replying everyone!

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