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    Have any of you, that had a c-section, had a problem with it bleeding? Two nights ago, I sat down on the floor, without thinking. I just plopped straight down and it hurt in the general area of my incision when I did so. I was scared so my husband checked it and it wasn’t bleeding or anything. The next day when I was walking upstairs, carefully of course, I felt it again and then later noticed that the adhesive strips covering it were all red with blood. Of course being me, I got scared. Called my midwife since I don’t have a doctor, just her. Got in touch with her nurse who asked who did my c-section. I said Dr Shah. She said I needed to schedule an appointment to be seen by him, not Sharonn. Then transferred me to scheduling. This amazed me.. I’m bleeding from a surgery incision and I’m supposed to make an appointment to be seen… But I did and it was for 10:15 the next morning. I called my husband, spoke to him, he came home from work early and took me to the emergency room instead.

    The emergency room was backed up with people who had been there since 9 am (was currently 6:30 pm) and still hadn’t been seen. I stuck around to wait my turn to talk to the nurse, thinking that they might send me in sooner since I was sitting in the waiting room… bleeding… But no of course not. People don’t need blood to live or anything. So basically she informed me it was going to be a 5 hour -minimum- wait. We decided to go home and wait til my appointment the next morning. The appointment was this morning, I went, Doctor came in. He asked what was wrong. I told him about how I sat down and the stairs thing and that I was bleeding and had been since the previous day. He took a look at it, and said ah yes I see here, you passed a blood clot through it. I was like well I wasn’t sure how to clean it up, no one would tell me, thats why it still looks the way it did yesterday. And so he wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic and then told me to clean it with soap and water. Then sent me along my way.

    I’m still bleeding… its not like a heavy flow, never has been. But its making me worry. I’m trying to figure out if its normal for it to bleed at all, or if this is a bad sign. Not to mention he told me when cleaning it, I might lose some of those adhesive strips because of the water, but whichever ones stayed, to leave them there. He didn’t clean it, or re-dress it, or do anything really…. And now after having cleaned it for the second time since it keeps bleeding, I have lost all of my adhesive strips. So I have nothing helping to hold this incision closed so that it can heal. I’m seriously surprised he didn’t put anything on it. That doesn’t seem all that hard to do. And he didn’t let me know if there anything I can put on it to cover the area to prevent infection, help it heal, and stop the blood from getting all over my clothes like it has been….

    I’m not sure what to do or whats normal in this situation… so if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.




    I never had a c-section, but I do know that surgical sites can and do drain, be it blood or clear drainage. I used to work on surgery floors in the hospital. Typically a c-section is stapled closed or it could be stitched from the inside, either way, it should not reopen unless you do some major trama to it or you are extremely overweight. If it makes you feel better, go to the drugstore and buy some steri strips (those are the adhesive strips covering your abdomen) and after you clean and pat it dry, place them at the site. If it keeps bleeding or seeping through, cover it with a dressing, also available at the drugstore. I don’t know why he didn’t change your dressing, all doc are different. Are you losing alot of blood or is it more like seepage? If you are heavily bleeding, I would go back to the ER. Keep a close eye on it. Try not to exert yourself, because you just had major surgery and you need to heal. I hope this is helpful. Good luck and I hope you feel better.



    Yeah they removed my staples before I left the hospital. I left early, so I only had them for two days, then they used those steri strips. I wasn’t aware I could buy those *laughs* I will do so and hope that it helps. I’m finding it difficult to wear anything without ruining it at this point. Its not bleeding bad at all, which is why I haven’t returned to ER. Just worried me is all because no one would tell me anything about it when I was trying to figure out why it started doing that.

    But thank you for the tips. I will make sure to head to the store tomorrow and dress it up, if anything that will help keep it clean so I don’t have to worry about an infection :)



    I had a c-section, with my first and the incison did not bleed, but I did end up with a yeast infection there though. Hope you feel better soon. Laurie



    Hello. I had a c-section 2 years ago and my incision did bleed some, but was mainly from the drain hole at the bottom of the incision. Mine did get infected and I had to go back to my dr, but he put some antibiotic cream on it and told me how to clean it. I did clean mine with soap and water but had to make sure the water stream didnt hit it directly. I had to let the water run down my stomach over the staples. I had to go to Walmart and buy some gauze to put back over mine to keep it from bleeding or draining on my clothes. I hope this helps. If I was you though and it keeps bleeding, I would go back to the ER and let them tell you what you need to do. I can’t believe he didnt clean you and rewrap it for you. My dr did tell me at first to not take the bandage off or to clean it, but then whenever it got infected he told me that it needed air and for me to take the bandage off every chance I had to let it get the air it needed to heal and to not get infected anymore than it was. I hope all goes well with yours. I am heading in Thursday morning to have another one done myself and I am hoping this go round is lots better than it was the first time for me. Let me know if this helped or not.



    I hope you are feeling better. Just keep it covered to avoid infection. Take care and good luck with your new baby.

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