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    I’ve heard plenty of times that its not okay to put rice cereal in their bottle, but better to spoon-feed from a bowl. Why is this? I’ve even seen special nipples, made specifically for bottles with rice cereal, so apparently its not too bad for the babies?



    I believe the reasoning behind it is not so much that it is bad to feed them rice cereal in a bottle it is to get the baby acquired to the spoon feeding and rice cereal is the mildest of the 3 (barley and oatmeal). When my baby was around 4 months old I would prepare the right serving for her and then I would spoon feed it to her and when she wouldn’t take the rest I put it in the bottle with her formula. My Dr. wasn’t to happy to hear this, because he said if she isn’t taking it by spoon, that meant she wasn’t hungry anymore. Now by baby is 13 months old and I still till this day spoon feed her what ever Veggies, Fruit even meats and what ever she doesn’t finish I throw in the bottle with her milk. She ends up finishing up.



    The reason you should not feed your baby rice cereal in a bottle is two fold: first of all it is a choking hazard. Secondly, it encourages parents to give cereal too early. The theory is that when the baby is ready for cereal, she’ll take it from a spoon. Cereal is a filler and does not contain a lot of nutrients for the baby as does breastmilk or formula. If baby becomes filled up on cereal, well. . .I guess it’s like getting filled up on the bread before the meal. The nipples that are specifically designed for giving cereal in a bottle are supposed to be for special needs babies. There is also concern that babies who are eating more cereal than they will take at a spoon will be more prone to obesity. Studies ‘have shown’ that the earlier you start on solids, the more likely you are to be obese.

    With that said, I wouldn’t do it. . .but I know lots of people who have and all of their babies are doing just fine!! I imagine more than anything it has to do with cultural expectations in feeding. While I gave my babies nothing solid until at least 7-9 months, lots of my friends started their little ones on cereal at 3mos. and lo and behold we all have happy healthy kids.



    Thanks for clearing that up! I was wondering! :)


    Aiden&Alejandros Mommy

    Yup my Alejandro is a happy healthy little seven year old that is as skinny as a stick :rolleyes: He’s also a bottomless pit….I gave him cereal in his bottle when he was about 7-8 mnths old….(he didn’t take one till 6mnths) I think it’s up to you to do what you think is best for your child :nods:



    I did it with both my kids (DS more than DD) and they are healthy as can be. Both wanted more than just formula but were not ready for a spoon yet.



    I was weaned early (as was the norm in the 70′s) I didn’t show any problems with allergies and such till i was in my early 20′s. The World Health Organisation recommends you try to delay weaning till 6 months and in any event no earlier than 4 months.



    A lot of the experts are no longer recommending rice cereal at all. It’s funny how things change. With my first, it was rice cereal at 4-6 months. This time I’m reading that it’s better to give more nutritionally dense foods, like banana and avocado. Rice cereal is just a filler and doesn’t have much nutritional value. I’ve read the same studies about obesity that Valorie mentioned. When baby is old enough to self feed or at least take it from a spoon, the baby regulates their food intake and learns to stop eating when they begin to feel full.



    Now by baby is 13 months old and I still till this day spoon feed her what ever Veggies
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