Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

  “Once upon a time, there were three hungry Dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur . . . and a Dinosaur who happened to be visiting from Norway.” Sound familiar? What? You mean you didn’t know that… “One day—for no particular reason—they decided to tidy up their house, make the beds, and prepare pudding of varying temperatures. And then—for no particular reason—they decided to go . . . someplace else. They were definitely not setting a trap for some succulent, unsupervised little girl. Definitely not!” Clearly, this is not a regurgitation of the original fairy tale featuring a curious golden-haired lass … Continue reading

The Animal Kingdom’s Rides

Today I’m returning to my profile of Disney’s Animal Kingdom to look at its rides. At first I thought the Animal Kingdom wouldn’t have any, being more like a zoo, but no, it’s still a Disney amusement park so there are rides. Expedition Everest is one of the park’s two roller coasters. It takes riders – big kids, teens, and adults – to the top of a mountain and into the home of a Yeti. The coaster careens in and out of the mountain, plunging riders into darkness, then light, then back again. At one point it even seems that … Continue reading

Download Children’s Books to Your NOOK for Free!

The NOOK is the eReader that is from Barnes & Noble. Some versions of it come in color. Did you know that you can download children’s books to your NOOK for free? This both safe, and legal, to do if you download the ebooks from the Barnes & Noble website. Digger the Dinosaur is written by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. The pictures are by Gynux. You can download this ebook for FREE to your NOOK right now. This book is from the “I Can Read!” series, which means that it is designed for new readers. Digger the dinosaur wants to go … Continue reading

Spring Break Snapshots

Tis the season for family getaways. Many schools around the nation are gearing up for spring break, and families are following suit. Now is a great time to drive or jet-off to your favorite recharging spot. For most people that means escaping to the sun, sand and surf, though any place that allows you to become one with nature is a prime choice as temperatures becomes more tolerable. If your spring break plans include visiting our nation’s natural treasures, don’t forget your camera… and your lenses. This is especially critical if you are planning a trip to major landmarks, such … Continue reading

Signs Your Pet Might Be Unwell

I’m a bit of a worrywart when it comes to my pets. I fretted when both of my cats entered our house for the first time and didn’t seem to eat for a few days. One thing I’m always concerned about is how to tell if my pets are feeling ill. Humans can complain of their symptoms and ask for help, but our pets don’t have that option. Veterinary doctor Eric Kane published some advice on about how to tell if your pet might be feeling unwell. The main tool to employ is common sense: keep an eye on … Continue reading

What to Consider When Getting Another Pet

Room for more? Most pet owners are animal lovers and that often means we want multiple pets. We know, however, that we can’t be pet hoarders; we have to draw the line somewhere. How do we know where that line is? I’m thinking about getting another cat. Cole gets lonely both overnight (cats tend to be nocturnal) and when we are away for long. My dog Chihiro doesn’t play with him as much as she used to. The perfect solution is another feline companion. But how to know if that’s the right thing to do? When thinking about getting an … Continue reading


I really hate doing dishes. If I can’t put the dish in the dishwasher, it might sit in the sink forever waiting for me to hand wash it. I put all sorts of things in the dishwasher that probably shouldn’t go in the dishwasher because I don’t want to hand wash in the worst way. I don’t put knives in the dishwasher. I’ll put the butter knives from the silverware set in the dishwasher, but not the cutting knives. I don’t know if it’s because the washing action in the dishwasher is supposed to dull the blades, or if I’m … Continue reading

Updated Pet Store Ban Initiated in San Francisco

A year ago this month I wrote about how some cities across the country were thinking of initiating a ban on dog and cat sales at pet stores. The purpose of the move was to strike a blow to puppy and kitten mills, which sometimes supply to pet stores. Animal rights advocates also hoped to encourage prospective pet owners to consider adopting a homeless pet from a shelter. According to the LA Times, in San Francisco at least the ban never took place, though it was never completely withdrawn. Proponents of the ban tried to expand it to include fish … Continue reading

Gender Challenges

And I thought I had a parenting dilemma. On many occasions I have written about my 6-year-old daughter’s repugnance for princesses, the color pink and anything that could be construed as being even the least bit girly girl. As a parent I pick my battles very carefully and my daughter’s desire to dress like a boy is not something I make an issue of… at least not out loud. I do get slightly annoyed when she places her hands on her throat and makes loud gagging noises when we enter the girls clothing section at Macy’s. And I do find … Continue reading

Dental Insurance for Pets?

If you are a pet owner, you may have at least considered getting pet insurance. Pets need checkups, and shots, and to be neutered or spayed. Sometimes, pets will get sick, or injured, and require medical care. Pet insurance is designed to help a pet owner pay for some of the bills associated with the medical care that your pet needs. Did you know that some pet insurance policies also cover dental care? There are many things to consider when you decide to purchase a pet insurance policy. If your pet is a breed that tends to get a particular … Continue reading