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    Just curious…what methods do you use to send and receive money online? I have a co-worker that needs a service that allows her to send money to her brother and is looking into something that’s secure and doesn’t charge fees to send and receive $. Any ideas? Any input is appreciated. :) :)



    I have used paypal with no problem. My son pays his portion of our family cell phone bill using this, I use it to send him money as a gift. I have also used it for business.

    I have found that it is very safe, very reliable, and if you are dealing with international transactions, it’s an easy way to convert to the currency you need to be paying.



    Hey mcmama…thanks for the response. :)
    Are you familiar with MoneyExchange? It’s also a secure way to transfer money online between account holders. They’re also giving new account holders $25 just for signing up, which I think is pretty neat of them. Anybody here already using this service?



    There are a lot of companies giving promos for signing up. ING, MoneyExchange, and there are a few others.

    Basically, I don’t mind discussing and comparing these, but lets not create referral link spam or “buzz creation” spam for any one particular one.



    I’ve used Paypal for years without any problems. It’s very secure and you can even request a free debit card and link it to a checking or savings account.



    I have also used Paypal without problem. This is easiest if you are making lots of payments to different people. I also have an ING account that pays a decent interest rate. If you are transferring to just one other person it should be easy to setup.



    Yes I have the ING too. Easiest $25 I ever earned. It is very easy;. And paypal has a debit card with a rebate.



    Me too, I also used PayPal. I agree with mcmama, PayPal is very safe and very reliable. I also used this in dealing with international transactions.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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