She keeps opening the velcro on her shoes!

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    My one year old got shoes last week. Yay!!! But she figured out how to open the velcro, and now she keeps opening the velcro, then her shoe falls off. It is a Mary Jane style shoe, the velcro goes through a loop on inside of the shoe, and folds back over itself to the outside.
    I was wondering if anyone had a tip on how to close the velcro on a shoe that a baby would be unable to open it. (sort of like the pin beneath the zipper trick.)



    Laces or buckles



    I agree with Samual–buckles or laces.

    At least with a girl it’s easier to find shoes with real buckles–I haven’t been able to find boys shoes with them for my DS. If your DD is like most little ones I know, even if you rig something to keep the velcro shut she’ll still fuss with them so I wouldn’t recommend a safety pin or anything sharp because she might prick herself.

    I don’t know a little one who doesn’t take their velcro shoes off as much as possible. For my DS I just know he’s going to do it (esp. in the car) so I just am used to putting them back on constantly. My sister works FT and the childcare my nephew goes to requires shoes on all the time. Nothing stops him and they finally had to buy tie shoes and tie them around the back of his ankles to keep them on—otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed in daycare!



    I agree…get shoes with shoe laces and double tie them or shoes with buckles. I never had a problem with my little one taking her shoes off but wanting them on all the time (even nap and bed time) lol



    So the vote is to buy new shoes, huh? I just hate to go buy a new pair, I just spent $55 on these ones, but you gotta do what you gotta do….:rolleyes:



    unfortunately kids love the sound of velcro (i’m lucky, Gabby just keeps opening and closing the velcro so we haven’t had it come off)… you could let her play with the shoes while at home and then she may just get bored with them so when she is wearing them she wont be interested in playing with them (this is what i did with Gabby, but i don’t know if that help or if she is just good with them), also a tip i read was to write your mobile number on the shoes so if one gets lost they can ring you (when i was working in children’s wear we used to find lots of lost shoes)


    wanna be a young mother

    Oh I have this problem too! Nevy takes hers off and then chews on the straps! Its sooo gross! So I went yesterday and bought shoes with laces. She unties them but cant get them off her feet. Better than nothing I guess LOL!



    My daughter is almost 3 and JUST got her first pair of velcro shoes. Mainly because she HATES wearing anything on her feet…takes them off right away, so at least now she can put them back on herself!

    I would say laces with double knots…



    Oh that drove me crazy when mine were little. So yes, laces are the answer. Except for the child who thinks it is fun to take off the whole shoe after loosening the laces, and walk around with it on without the laces tied…..


    Tracey with 6

    If you really want them to stay on a peice of sticky tape over the velcro may work, I have had those shoes too but my dd loves shoes and always wanted them on LOL

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