Snow Day Part II

There was not a lot of snow maybe three or four inches, but I was shocked at how terrible the roads were.  None of the roads had been cleared (at this point is is almost eight thirty in the morning).  I carefully drove, with the children safely secured in their car seats, through town.  There were a few hills to tackle and I crossed my fingers that the light at the bottom of one large hill and before another rather large hill would stay green.  Twenty miles per hour was about the safest speed at which to travel even though some drivers exceeded that speed and others were barely going ten miles per hour.  Nonetheless, we made it to the grocery store in one piece.  It was still snowing as I loaded the children into our double stroller.  I was wearing my rain boots with thick wool socks so that I could more easily navigate the snow covered parking lot.  Once inside the grocery store, I quickly collected all the items that we needed: spinach, oranges, carrots, frozen raspberries, basil, chemical free chicken breast, cheese, yogurt, and organic chocolate sandwich cookies (for the coffee ice cream I was making later that day). We were in and out in less than fifteen minutes.  The drive home was just as nerve wracking but we made it safely.  I had no intentions of going out again that day.  I had barely gotten the children and the groceries into the house when my husband called.  As it turns out the office where he now worked (as of the week before) was not going to open at noon; it was not going to open at all!  He wanted to know if it would be alright if he and one of his colleagues come to our house to work in our basement office.  I said that was fine and warned him that the house was not “sparkling clean.”  He said they did not care…

(To be continued…)

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