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    It seems like overnight my face has all these splotchy red spots all over my cheeks. Anyone know what is up with that? Also, I have been so exhausted the last two days I have taken 3 hour naps each day. Luckily I have tomorrow off, columbus day (teacher), so I have one more day of rest! Yeah!:realexc:



    If you are fair skinned, you may be developing rosacea. This is a kind of adult acne, but it is really not acne. Mine is usually confined to my nose and chin, but during pregnancy and after giving birth, I had flare ups on the cheeks.

    Just about anything triggers it – changes in hormones, heat, cold, alchohol, chocolate, stress. You can control it topically, and antibiotics are usually the way to tame it. Probably not a good idea while pregnant, but maybe later.



    I have spots on my face that aren’t really splotchy to begin with, like I get dry patches on my face. They are really bad when I am pregnant but I don’t know what mine is.



    That could also be rosacea too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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