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    My nerves have been at an all time high lately. Whenever that happens I usually get stomach problems. For the past week, My stomach has felt TERRIBLE-like someone took it and tied it up in a bunch of knots. I’m having trouble eating. I have that (TMI) gassy feeling also, like I need to burp constantly, but can’t. My nerve pills can only do so much.

    This is the first time my nervous stomach is begging me to visit a doctor. But in the meantime, does anyone know any natural remedies that can ease this?




    Wish that I could wave a magic wand and make all that stress in your life disappear!

    Have you tried Tums or Mylanta?

    Don’t let your stomach get empty. If nothing else, eat crackers and some milk between meals to keep something in the tummy.

    Yogurt is another good choice and easy on the tummy. I always keep it on hand.

    Best wishes, my dear friend!



    Stress can cause all sorts of problems, but it may be wise to check there’s nothing else going on as well like a food allergy etc. When I has symptoms like that it was a food allergy. Hope you find out the cause and can find a solution.



    I agree with Aussie D, if I were you I would go for food alleregy testing. (And Alyssa too)
    As far as anything else goes, try to relax a bit……I know that is easier said then done. Hang in there.
    Hugs to you.



    i’m no dr but sounds like nerves/stress is causing reflux issues… try eating some licorice



    Take looonnnggg walks. It’s good exercise, and you can use the time to mentally decompress. Your dd will love it too :)

    I agree with everyone else about ruling out medical issues as well. You never know.



    Hey Jean…Just like Angie I wish I could just wave a magic wand and all the stressful stuff would disappear…but that which doesn’t break us only makes us stronger!! Maybe give some peppermint tea or peppermints a try, dried papaya may help too!! Sending you big :hug:’s!!



    My dearest and I had similar issues when stress got too high early this year.
    Hair tests can sometimes tell you what’s going on. But a guess: try some pro-biotics or natural yoghurt with meals, for a week. Also worth a try is St John’s wort, it’s high in copper and acts to calm you as well. Make sure you read the instr on the packet.
    Apart from that: same old same old, regular exercise and good nights sleep.

    Take this seriously. Your body is telling you, you need to change something, don’t just treat the symptom. Good luck.

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