20 Ways to Avoid Independence Day Injuries

Nothing extinguishes Fourth of July fun faster than an injury.  That goes double if your young child is the victim of an Independence Day accident. To avoid the physical pain and suffering associated with a holiday mishap and the added agony of paying sky-high medical bills, consider the following safety tips:   Never allow children to ignite fireworks. Adults should be on hand at all times when children are near fireworks. Always follow the instructions printed on the fireworks’ box. Keep fire extinguishers, water hoses or a bucket of water on hand if you are using any type of pyrotechnic, … Continue reading

Fourth of July Kid-Friendly Fun

Eye-popping fireworks shows may be the highlight of a Fourth of July gathering, but there’s plenty of time to kill before the aerial festivities blast off. To keep kids busy while they countdown to the glittery pyrotechnic display have them complete these fun Independence Day-inspired projects: Patriotic Pinwheels Cut-out a 4-inch by 4-inch square from cardstock or white construction paper.  Use crayons, markers or colored pencils to decorate the paper in patriotic colors.  Next, use a ruler to lightly draw diagonal lines from corner to corner.  When you are done, you should have an “X” drawn in the middle of … Continue reading

Last-Minute Fourth of July Travel Bargains

Don’t feel like celebrating America’s birthday in your backyard this year? Changing party venues doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny if you take advantage of last-minute deals.  By waiting this late in the game to book a hotel stay for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, you stand to save a bundle. For example, New York City is showing a slew of savings for Independence Day visitors.  According to travel app HotelTonight, which specializes in finding deeply discounted rates for same-day hotel stays, many rooms in the heart of NYC are going for a mere $100.  That’s a … Continue reading

Toddler-Friendly Fourth of July

Not all toddlers embrace Independence Day events as enthusiastically as their older siblings.  Late nights, thunderous fireworks displays and way too many sugary snacks can lead to epic meltdowns. In order to celebrate the holiday without sending your tot over the edge, consider these low-key, yet festive Fourth of July activities: Fireworks in a Glass    Fill a tall glass with warm water.  Next, add a little cooking oil to the water.  Depending on the size of your container, one to two tablespoons should suffice.  Then, add a few drops of food coloring to the oil and water.  Gently stir the … Continue reading

Fourth of July Fun for Less

Celebrating America’s birthday doesn’t have to send you to the poorhouse.  By opting to party at your own home this holiday, you can save money and still have fun.  To cut down on food and beverage costs, consider having a potluck and asking each guest to bring along a favorite dish to pass. Edible American Eagles Ingredients: One package of Oreos 1/2 cup white chocolate One dozen large marshmallows One cup of finely shredded coconut 12 cashews Black icing Directions: Melt the white chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. Spread the shredded coconut in an even layer on wax … Continue reading

July 4 Celebrations at Disneyland

With another national holiday just around the corner, it’s time again to look at the special events going on at the Disney Parks. Last year I highlighted what went down in Orlando for July 4. I thought I would switch things up this year and focus on the events in Anaheim. The official Disney parks blog has an overview of what to expect at Disneyland on the 4th, which links to the Disneyland Daily Events calendar for the specifics. One thing you should definitely anticipate: fireworks. But then you probably guessed that already. Because July 4 is a Monday this … Continue reading

It’s High Anxiety Season Again!

Here in the States, the Fourth of July (and the weeks surrounding) is a high anxiety time for pets — thanks to the fireworks. They’ve been setting off fireworks in my neighborhood for at least a week now, with the big day itself still to come. My dogs have been relatively mellow about the firecrackers so far — despite a bad experience in the past where they were thrown at us while we were walking. Perked ears, a little bit of barking and running to the windows… definitely not as bad as it has been. But for some pets, fireworks … Continue reading

The Dogs at the Party

If you caught yesterday’s blog about fireworks, you may remember that Moose and Lally were invited to attend a barbeque with me. I wasn’t sure if I should bring them, but in the end, since I was going to be out of the house for more than eight hours, I let the pups tag along. They’re good car riders. Moose flopped out on the back seat of my station wagon; Lally rode half the time in the passenger seat next to me and half the time in the way-back of the wagon. I was the one who had trouble — … Continue reading

Let the Fireworks Begin!

Last night around nine o’clock, somebody started in with the fireworks. I live across the street from the local high school and middle school, and there’s lots of open space available between the sports fields and parking lots. Through the open window, I could hear the crackle of the fireworks, followed by a whole lot of hooting and hollering. Right around the same time I was hearing the beginnings of Fourth of July celebrations, a friend posted on her blog about her dog’s reaction to fireworks. Not fear — as is a common reaction to fireworks and other loud noises … Continue reading

“Independence Day” for a Single Parent

I have never been a huge fan of the *Fourth of July* in its traditional sense with the firecrackers and heavy drinking. What I can wrap my head around however, is the “Independence Day” part of the celebration. While I know my history well enough to appreciate the founding fore-folk and all the work they did to bring about our republic, “Independence Day” also has strong meaning to me as a single parent… If I was to pick one word that describes single parents and single parent families, it would probably be “independent.” Many of us are completely self-supporting and … Continue reading