Do You Need Inspiration for a Family History Adventure?

If you are looking for a fun genealogy read online, check out the blog. Mixed in amongst their other blog posts (which are also good), there are posts from a family of seven who are traveling the United States in search of family history information. The Great, Great, Great Grand Adventure began back in July, when the Brown family decided that they would spend some time together as a family, traveling the United States and learning about their family history. At the time that the monumental decision to make the trip was made, the Browns did not know that … Continue reading

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

When the thought of taking your family out to dinner makes you cringe because of the expense, it is hard to contemplate taking everyone along for an actual vacation. Even though money concerns may make it seem as though you will never get away, you do have options, a number of them in fact. Here are some ways that you can stretch your vacation budget. 1. Look for the budget airline hubs Although airfare prices seem to be rising, there are a number of airline hubs that tend to have the cheapest airfare tickets. Some places are just less expensive … Continue reading

Single Parent Travel: Camps Designed for Single Parents

In a previous post, I talked about planning a vacation as a single parent. This post discusses some of the many places that offer vacations that have been designed for single parents and their children. Rocking Horse Ranch Resort Rocking Horse Ranch Resort is located in Highland, New York, about 90 minutes north of New York City. The 2010 weekend-long single parent camp takes place during mid-November, and starts at $615 (the cost of one adult and one child). The cost includes amenities and activities, including horseback riding, swimming, childcare, hayrides, talent shows, line dancing, bonfires, fitness center, and more. … Continue reading

Single Parent Travel: Planning a Vacation on a Budget

So you want to take a vacation with just you and your kid(s)? The first question you need to ask yourself is where you will go. Do you want to visit the beach? A major historical attraction? A city? Are in interested in going on a trip that is just for single parents? Will you be traveling near or far? If you’re like me, a major factor in deciding where you will vacation is dependent upon your budget. As single parents, we often do not have a lot of “extra” money for things like vacations to exotic locations. We are … Continue reading

Ways to Save on Summer Road Trips

How much are you planning to spend on your family’s summer vacation? A recent survey found that the average American family (consisting of two adults and two children) plans to spend between $1,000 and $3,000 on upcoming summer trips. That’s a lot of money in my book. If you are keeping a close eye on your budget, but still want to treat the kids to a memorable summer road trip, then consider the following tips to stretch your vacation dollars: Stay in State: I’m not suggesting driving to the edge of town and pitching a tent to save some dough, … Continue reading

Spring Break

It’s that time of year again. School aged kids are out for Spring Break. Families are heading off to the beaches, zoo’s and amusement parks. Toddlers toddle behind, trying to keep up with their siblings. It is such a fun time of year. As with any vacation or day out with the family, there are always things to remember. There are items you don’t want to forget and there are things to do before leaving home. Planning any vacation with toddlers takes preparation. Things to Pack for a Day Trip: *Sunscreen *Change of clothes *Hand Sanitizer *Camera *Sippy Cup or … Continue reading

Stay Awake (and Alive) on the Road

It’s a holiday weekend here in the United States — and lots of people are taking an end-of-summer trip. The roads were extra crowded yesterday and this morning as people headed out of town for summer’s last hurrah. One danger of road trips is getting sleepy when you’re behind the wheel. And it isn’t just vacationers who are at risk! Folks who work third shift, people who drive long distances every day, and people who don’t get enough sleep are at risk for heavy eyelids while on the road. Here are some things you can do to help stay awake … Continue reading

Traveling To Tennessee

In 1996 I was driving alone from Wisconsin to Atlanta, Georgia. I had just gotten a job field producing and reporting for a news agency that was documenting the Summer Olympics from start to finish. I was thrilled about my new gig, but far less enthused about making the long drive with all of my belongings by myself. Regardless, the road trip proved to be quite eventful and extremely educational. It was on this trip that I would experience what life was like in Tennessee (if only for a couple of days). My first visit to the state was brief … Continue reading

More Road Trip Reminders

For all of you brave road warriors about to set off on a cross-country summer adventure—-all the best. Just kidding. If you are choosing to laugh in the face of record high gas prices in order to hit family-friendly hotspots from Seattle to Sarasota you aren’t alone. According to AAA, more than 65 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles from home this summer for what they hope will be an unforgettable family trip. To make sure your travel plans go as smoothly as possible consider employing these simple tips: KEEP YOUR CAR CLEAN Sounds easy enough, but … Continue reading

Road Trip Reminders

It’s that time of year again… Time to see just how much you can squeeze into the family minivan before it begins to sag in the middle. Time to see how far you can get before a child calls out: “Are we there yet?” And time to see how just how many miles exist between McDonald’s locations when you are cruising through Pittsburgh. Ah, yes, the family summer road trip of 2007… surely it will be one to remember (or at least one that will include events that will be hard to forget). Before you head out on the highways … Continue reading