Back to School Sales at Staples

Does it feel like the back to school sales started early this year? It isn’t even August yet. Even so, there are plenty of back to school sales going on. Staples is a really good place to shop for school supplies, especially if you get their card. Here is what to buy at Staples this week. Staples has a Back to School Savings Pass. They have been offering one each summer for quite a few years now. It provides you with excellent savings. The pass costs $10.00. It gives you 15% off all of the school supplies you purchase on … Continue reading

Back To School and Pet Product Sales at Target

What’s new at Target this week? The best way to find out is to check out their weekly ad. It is a great place to find featured coupons as well as special deals and offers that you might miss if you walked in and wandered through a Target store. Here is the “good stuff” from this week’s Target ad. Here is a quick look at some of the Back to School Sales from Target this week: * Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Markers 2-pack – $0.99 * Elmer’s Purple Glue Sticks 6-pack – $0.99 * 12-count Crayola colored pencils – $0.99 … Continue reading

Your Back to School Savings Strategy

The average parent spends $600 to get just one child ready for school in the fall. You can greatly reduce this cost if you follow our step-by-step back to school savings strategy. 1. Make a list Most schools post their school supply lists online to make it easy for parents to shop ahead. If yours doesn’t contact other parents to get an idea of what your child will need to bring to school in terms of pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc. Do the same with clothing. How many shirts, dresses, pants, socks, shoes and other clothing items will your child need … Continue reading

School Pictures

Sometimes it seems like my child’s school is a money pit. From school clothes and supplies to pictures and field trips, there is always something that will dent your budget. I am always looking for ways to stretch my dollar just a little bit farther, living on one income can mean lots of sacrifices but you don’t have to sacrifice everything, you just have to get a little creative. Take school pictures, those packages are such a waste of money. You always wind up with more pictures than you need in sizes you don’t want, and to make matters worse, … Continue reading

Taming The Back To School Mess

Here it comes, the before and after school mess that fall brings and never really goes away until summer. Getting everyone organized and out the door, on time in the morning can seem almost impossible. The mess that is left behind in the whirlwind in the morning will be waiting for you in the afternoon unless you take some steps to prevent it. Time to get organized and structure your routine, you will be glad you did. First things first, have your child pick out a week’s worth of outfits, right down to the underwear and shoes. Fold everything together … Continue reading

Back To School On A Budget

When I leave for work in the morning I can tell fall is on the way. A few short weeks ago it was light out at 5:45, now it’s dark, and there is a chill in the air that reminds me the seasons are changing. Although I don’t really need the weather or lack of morning light to tell me, all I have to do is walk in any store and be bombarded with the back to school displays. The first school year that I was divorced was so stressful, where was the money going to come from? Hailey was … Continue reading

Thinking About Going Back To School?

Your economic situation doesn’t have to stay where it is. As a single parent you may qualify for various grants that can help you get a certificate or degree and create a better life for you and your kids. This will also give you some time for yourself, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. It’s hard enough being a single parent and working a full time job—whether you work from home or at a typical nine to five job. Top this off with taking care of the bills, the kids, the house, and it doesn’t leave much … Continue reading

Do You Feel Obligated to Buy School Pictures?

There seems to be an unwritten equation when it comes to purchasing school photos: The more you buy = the more you love your child. In the old days (before the advent of digital technology) parents would purchase class photos sight unseen. Meaning whether your child’s photo made her look like a mini Cindy Crawford or Jack Nicholson in “The Shining,” you were stuck with whatever package you signed up for. These days some schools allow parents to view digital proofs of their student online and make their order selections based on what they see. Other schools, like my daughter’s, … Continue reading

Health at School: New Shoes

Back to school shopping was always a horrible trial for my family. I’ve never been a huge fan of clothes shopping, so it was a miserable experience just for that. Then there was the huge divide in taste between me and my mom, which eventually got settled with this rule: if I picked something she hated, then she got to pick something I hated. Shoe shopping was only slightly less of a battlefield, if only because the choices were somewhat more limited! Much of our shoe shopping (in the elementary school years, at least) was done at the little shoe … Continue reading

Swine Flu and Your Student

As if parents didn’t have enough to worry about getting their kids ready for a new school year, a just released report warns that the swine flu could claim 100,000 Americans lives—-many of them children–this flu season. Government health officials released their swine flu battle plan for U.S. schools earlier this month, and now they are suggesting parents come up with their own strategies to keep their kids safe. If you have no clue how to devise a simple, yet effective plan to ward off N1H1 virus symptoms, then consider the tips offered by doctors: WASH THOSE HANDS According to … Continue reading