So Not My World

I barely have time to wash my hair in the morning, let alone shave my legs on a daily basis. So, how then is it possible for some moms to find time to post DIY tutorials featuring step-by-step instructions on how to create crocheted cozies for disposable Scotch Tape dispensers on YouTube? Pretty, little, intricately handcrafted covers for 99-cent tape dispensers that are designed to be THROWN AWAY. The tape dispensers that is. Clearly, you want to reuse the cuddly soft cozy you created to warm the cold plastic covering and disguise the unsightly green tartan plaid insert of any … Continue reading

Turn Up The Music

Do you like housecleaning? I don’t think it’s at the top of most people’s favorite things to do list, but there are times when I really enjoy it. Housecleaning is a totally mindless chore. If I just need to burn off some energy doing something I don’t have to think about, housework is perfect. After all, it takes very little brain power to scrub a toilet. It’s also perfect for those times I have a lot on my mind and just need some thinking space. I can scrub and shine while working through a problem in my head. The great … Continue reading

Preparing for Homecoming Weekend

(My Daughter’s Homecoming Dress) This weekend is homecoming weekend. It’s an exciting time for many teens and the parents who get to partake in the excitement. In some ways I feel like I get to live out my high school years through my daughter. I wasn’t allowed to go to homecoming. When I think back to my high school years, I do wish that I had been allowed to go. But getting to share in my daughter’s experience is more than making up for it. There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into this weekend. The first … Continue reading

Those Three Little Letters–M.O.M.

There is nothing like those three little letters, M.O.M. The word mom can convey so much and it may depend on the particular circumstances at hand. For instance, the shrill sound of “MOM!” may cause a chill to pass through you, because it is the sound of your child being hurt or scared. Or it may be that the word mom is shrieked because little brother or sister has taken a toy away. It could also be said with a whine, as your child begins to beg for something. So the reality is that the word mom isn’t always welcomed. … Continue reading

Back To The Basics

Sometimes we forget how important our job is a single parent, although we never forget how stressful it is and how much work it is. Sometimes you just have to step back to the basics and remember the most important thing, which is raising healthy, happy, well adjusted children. Often I search out advice, read blogs to see how other mothers do it, find out what is working for someone else, and I make a list. I’m a huge list maker, it helps me keep things organized in my mind. Things I always try to remember as a single parent: … Continue reading

Old-Fashioned Parenting

Since everyone has differing opinions, some might consider my parenting to be old-fashioned. But others might think it’s too lenient. It all depends on what you believe and what makes up your standards. Considering the day and age we live in, I do think that my parenting might be a bit more old-fashioned than what we typically see. I contribute that to lessons learned growing up, my faith and what I have observed in others. The biggest demonstration of this has been our latest adventure, my daughter’s first boyfriend. Thankfully she at least has a respect and appreciation for some … Continue reading

A Notch On My Championship Parenting Belt

I am having a flashback to a conversation I had on my daughter’s last day of middle school. I was talking to her 2nd grade teacher and we were laughing about moments he had experienced with her. He was her very first teacher because I had homeschooled her through 1st grade. She was extremely shy and quiet, hardly ever talked. She has been that way through most of her time at that school. We were both reflecting on how fast time had flown by with her now entering high school. Then he remarked how his daughter (who is now grown) … Continue reading

Do You Know Who Is Babysitting Your Children?

Do you know who is babysitting your children? Well if you live in Illinois, you just might want to do some digging. Recently the “Chicago Tribune” uncovered something pretty shocking and disturbing. Apparently Illinois subsidizes a childcare assistance program (totaling $750 million annually) that allows convicted rapists, child molesters and other violent criminals to babysit children who come from low income families. To me this speaks of two problems. One is the idea that children from low income families are not being given protection. The second is the absurdity of allowing these types of people to have access to any … Continue reading

Preparing for the Battle, Gearing Up for the War

When my children were younger, I really thought I knew how I was going to parent them as teenagers. I observed other parents and saw much of what I thought was “wrong.” Sure, I saw some good examples but I was convinced that parenting with strictness was the only way to go. Well let me tell you something, most of what I thought when they were younger has completely gone out the window. And even though my children will probably still tell you that I am “strict,” they have no idea what it could have been. If I had decided … Continue reading

The Dilemma of Friends Spending the Night

There is an interesting dilemma taking place in our home with regard to my children’s friends. I always enjoy having them over and sometimes spending the night. I definitely prefer everyone hanging out here, where I can keep a better eye on things. But recently the issue of having friends sleep over has changed a bit. My youngest son, who is in 7th grade, has friends that are either in his grade or 8th. A couple of those guy friends (who are in 8th grade) are also friends with my 9th grade daughter. I have no problem with her hanging … Continue reading