How Old is Too Old for Trick-or-Treating?

Trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween. It is pretty obvious that this tradition was designed for children to participate in (often accompanied by their parents). Is there an “age limit” for trick-or-treating? At what age does a child become too old to go trick-or-treating? Ultimately, a parent needs to make that decision for themselves. Here are some things to consider when wondering if your child is too old to trick-or-treat this year. Check the local rules. Many cities or towns will issue specific rules regarding trick-or-treating. These rules usually consist of things like the hour that trick-or-treating can begin … Continue reading

Spend Less on Halloween

The cute costumes, the Martha Stewart decorations, the bags and bags of candy…the cost of it adds up. Just like the dark monster in the corner, you are afraid to take a good look at how much your are actually spending. Halloween has certainly become a big holiday. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent more than $8 billion last year celebrating. Eight billion! Seriously. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, brandish your own bag of tricks to spend less this Halloween. You’ll be able to make it a magical holiday and leave the bills … Continue reading

The Curse of the Halloween Candy

What is the scariest part of Halloween? It isn’t the horror movies or the things that go bump in the night (unless it is your tummy hitting the side of the bathroom door when you get up to pee). No, it is all of that Halloween candy. Our family isn’t really big on Halloween. We recognize that the younger kids seem to enjoy it, so we make a little bit of effort. They have costumes and go out trick or treating with friends, collecting candy. I bought two bags of candy this year. One was a bag of candy corn … Continue reading

Halloween and the Escape Artist

Halloween can be a day with more tricks than treats if you share your home with a four-legged escape artist. Picture it: Halloween 2004. Moose, Lally, and I were living in New Jersey with my grandmother. My grandmother turned out the lights before I even got home from work, signaling trick-or-treaters that we were out of candy. Because we still had candy and I was bursting with Halloween cheer, I turned the lights back on. As soon as I opened the door for the very first trick-or-treater, Moose snuck out and took off. I dropped my candy bowl by the … Continue reading

What To Do With Your Kid’s Gross Halloween Candy?

I suppose “gross” is a relative term, but when it comes to Circus Peanuts, Laffy Taffy and Wax Bottle candy, I exercise my parental veto power, and liberally toss out my daughter’s Halloween treats without an ounce of guilt. Actually, this year we will be donating unwanted Halloween candy to a group, which will distribute the sweet treats to children who are unable to go trick-or-treating. Other individuals are embracing the share-your-Halloween-candy concept as well. For example, dentists in New Hampshire, New Jersey and Iowa are redefining the phrase “put your money where your mouth is.” The dental experts are … Continue reading

Safe Halloween Makeup

Halloween is almost upon us and some of you may even be dressing up for parties now. One thing you may not think about is the safety of the makeup you use on yourself or your children. While makeup is preferable to masks (it is not as likely to block your vision), you still have to use care in choosing your makeup. Just as beauty makeup can be unsafe, so can Halloween makeup. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a safe Halloween: – Don’t even use something as makeup that wasn’t specifically meant to be used on … Continue reading

Healthy Halloween: Food Allergies

Halloween can be full of tricks (rather than treats) if you’re living with a food allergy. If the allergy is new, what once was a safe favorite may now be off-limits. That can be really discouraging! Here are some tips to help keep a food allergy from ruining your holiday. Know your triggers. If you’ve got a food allergy, you’re probably used to checking ingredients labels. Make sure you learn the different names your allergy trigger may appear under, so you don’t end up sick from something you thought was safe! Do your research. Know beforehand what’s safe and what … Continue reading

Healthy Halloween: Halloween Hazards

When I was a little kid getting ready for trick-or-treating, the big fear was foreign objects in candy and other handouts. After Halloween, we had to go through our haul, looking for wrappers with holes or rips (or fruit with damaged skins) and throw that candy (or fruit) away — the fear was that someone had put pins or razor blades into the treat. It seems kind of silly now. A razor blade is kind of obvious, right? No fool would bite into a miniature candy bar with a piece of metal hanging out… would they? According to (one … Continue reading

Halloween Candy Your Kid Gets and You Throw Out

Two words: Laffy Taffy. Who willingly allows their kids to damage their teeth on that stuff? Seriously, the only one laughing about Laffy Taffy is the dentist who invented it. That guy is chuckling all the way to the bank. Okay, I’m not exactly sure who invented Laffy Taffy (it’s manufactured by Nestle and sold under their Willy Wonka Candy Company brand), but I know it wasn’t a mom. No way! All the moms I know actively seek out each and every piece of Laffy Taffy that lands in their kid’s trick-or-treat bag and tosses the stuff straight into the … Continue reading

Healthy Halloween: Healthy Handouts

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It’s the dressing up, mostly… the chance to be someone or something else for a day! I don’t mind the candy, either. But the candy is definitely a mixed blessing. Halloween can be a BIG test of your willpower and diet abilities! So what are some healthy alternatives? Fruit. Apples and oranges are usually easily found during the fall months — and they’re good for you! Handing out fruit might not make you very popular with the kids… but the parents might appreciate the healthy snack appearing in the goodie bags. 100 calorie … Continue reading