Setting Realistic Expectations

I used to think that it was just an odd coincidence that no matter how the beginning of my evening goes, I never seem to sit down to do my work until eleven o’clock at night. This pattern has become so predictable that I have incorporated the “nothing really gets done until eleven” principle into my work schedule, and I use it to schedule my work time. Sometimes I wonder whether that is a wise thing to do, whether I should be finding a way to sit down to work earlier so that I can get more done. Whenever I … Continue reading

When Life Gets in the Way

Since I’ve been parenting alone it seems as if life gets in the way a lot. There are certain things that simply have to be done and sometimes those things get in the way of effective parenting. Tonight was one of those nights. As a busy full time student I normally try my hardest to work on homework during times when Logan is asleep or at his dad’s. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Some nights the amount of work simply cannot be done without cutting into some mommy time. I had a big presentation for tomorrow. One that I … Continue reading

Time Management Tips for the Homeschool Mom

Let me start off by saying I am the worst time manager in the land.  I love organization yet I can never keep up with it.  I have a mountain of laundry that is currently being ignored but refuses to go away.  If I walked over and told my husband I would be writing this article, he would laugh.  So, what do I know? I know what doesn’t work.  I also know what does work.  I go through phases of a solid routine that runs a tight ship to no routine at all that sinks a ship.  You know what? … Continue reading

The Difference Between Working on Your Business and Working at Your Business

When you own and operate your own business, you are in charge of just about everything. Many home – based professionals just do not have the resources to outsource tasks like advertising, filing, billing, and the like. Of course, you are also in charge of producing the product or service that your business provides. Home – based professionals and other entrepreneurs often find it difficult to balance these two distinct groups of activities, the ones that can be categorized as “working on your business” and the others, which can be categorized as “working at your business”. There is definitely a … Continue reading

One Change at a Time

I have a long list of resolutions this year. I have big plans for 2013 and know that there will be many life changes along the way. At first glance my list of resolutions might be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of positive changes I want to make in my life, but instead of tackling them all at once, I am going to focus on them one at a time. First and most importantly, I am going to work on finding joy in the here and now. I have a lot to be grateful for and while I … Continue reading

Going to School with Kids

I have been asked several times over the last year how I could possibly manage to continue going to school with a child all while parenting alone. “How do you have time to do homework?” “Who watches your son for you?” “How do you find time to study?” “How do you keep your grades up?” All questions that have continued to come up time and time again. For the record, it hasn’t been an easy task, but here are some things that may help you attempt the college journey as a single mother. First off, don’t forget to check out … Continue reading

Time Saving Tips to Keep You on Track

With the holidays fast approaching, things might be getting a little busy around your house. Some people are able to back off a little bit from their home based businesses during the holiday season and focus on holiday activities. People with seasonal home based businesses are likely to be putting in as much time and effort as they can right now. Either way, you are likely to be feeling a little bit crunched for time. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day. While we can not create additional hours, we can employ a few strategies to … Continue reading

What Worked For Us – Coping With A.D.D.

A.D.D. seems to run in my family. My brother has been diagnosed with it. It is clear that my mother has it. Two of my uncles probably do as well, and this is just to name a few. Sometimes, I wonder if I might have a mild form of A.D.D., since it does tend to run in families, and I realize that I have a tendency to be somewhat distracted at times. Many of the people in my family that very likely have A.D.D. are undiagnosed, unmedicated, and unaware of the tools, skills, and tricks that they can utilize to … Continue reading


I’ve started throwing away what I write. Really. I’ve started writing and writing and writing and then deleting what I’ve written or just opening another blank document and starting again. I might write about the same thing or I might write about something completely new. I might write about nothing or I might be inspired by a particular quote. There are various methods of writing but I’ve settled on this one. I’ve never been one for highly structured outlines prior to writing my papers. My brain simply doesn’t think like that. I don’t think in “beginning, middle, end” linearity or … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Cleanup at the End of the Day

Home schooling kids is rewarding, but it can also be messy. Having children around the house all day long rather than away at school for six or more hours means that we need to clean up several times a day rather than just once. Parents are notorious for trying to be superheroes and tend to do everything themselves. Whether it’s vacuuming, doing dishes, laundry, or cleaning the cat box, it’s often easier to just do it ourselves rather than listening to the kids moan and groan. Not to mention, we often have to prod them a thousand times before they’ll … Continue reading