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    Today my son has been VERY intrerested in the toilet. He has sat on it 3 times already this morning and has helped flush. I don’t know if this is true interest or not… sounds like it to me. I may look into getting one of those little potties.
    Now here’s the thing. Should I go with a mini version of a toilet that sits in the bathroom or should we get one of those that fits into our toilet and have a step stool? Which have worked best for you all? We keep the bathroom door shut because we don’t want for him to fall over into the tub and we don’t want for him to throw things down the toilet.
    How did you all train your little ones? Thanks! :D



    i have a mini toilet one that the top half comes off and can be placed onto the normal toilet… i known some people that have keep the potty in another room so they didn’t have to worry about the dangers you mentioned… definitely sounds like he is interested, good luck… wish Gabby would show some interest like that



    It was just all of the sudden. Odd. It would be nice to get out of diapers!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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