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    I have just written a blog on [URL="http://christian.families.com/blog/tithing-does-god-really-expect-me-to-give-ten-percent"]Tithing[/URL]. I am wondering, how do you all feel about giving God ten percent of your income? Do you view it as legalistic or as a matter of obedience? Does anyone have any stories how they have given in faith when it didn’t look like they could make it financially?
    Check out my [URL="http://christian.families.com/blog/tithing-does-god-really-expect-me-to-give-ten-percent"]blog[/URL] and give me some feedback!



    It’s not MY money. My tzedaka (10%) was entrusted to me by God and I ahve to distribute it for Him.



    Yes, I [URL="http://christian.families.com/blog/finances-and-giving"]wrote about our situation [/URL]where we were in an awful place financially and began to give in faith. Chana is right, it’s not “our” money and it is entrusted to us by God. I don’t believe tithing to be abolished by Jesus in fact I believe Christ encouraged it. I have been very bad in this area to be honest. I don’t think it’s so much about the money as much as our obedience and this is one area I fall short. God sees the heart of the giver though and I encourage those who really don’t think that they can give 10% to give something consistantly. God does tell us to test Him in this.



    Yes I belive He does require it. It is a sigg of our obdience to him AND our faith that He will take care of us when we cant. Also its a promise between you and the lord. if you pay your tithing, and fall short He promisies to provide (in our church that means the church steps in and helps… dont know what other curches do)

    I do know how hard it is to start – but after awhile its much eaiser. Get your mind in the right frame of mind …. its His in the first place. Next have faith He wil provide for you needs, if you cannot .

    then what we do is pay tithing BEFORE rent. So its tithing, rent, utlities, bills, food gas etc….. that way when you are startng to run low on money towards then …. the tithing cheack has already been writtin and you are focusing on your expesive cable bill instead. at least this works for us (and we got rid of that espensive cable bill too BTW)

    Good luck – i know its hard but I KNOW is worth it. and when we didnt have enough, The Lord DID provide for us, for quite awhie.




    Great subject to share with others. Yes, tithing is a wonderful way to share your finances that are a gift from God.

    In addition, it is sharing your time, your talents, and your tithing. They go hand in hand in serving the Lord.



    Thank you so much for starting this thread. I too have had a very hard time with Tithing, I always seem to come up with excuses to give less than 10% even though I know everything that I have is due to God. It is definatly one of my biggest struggles in Faith and Trust that God will provide all that I need. I have been inspired now that I read your blogs to stop just giving whatever cash I have floating around in my wallet and to start actually calculating it into our budget weekly. I do have a couple questions that may sound silly but I would like your opionons. My daughters and I go to different church activities at least three times a week and each time there is an offering, do I take that 10% from our weekly income and then spread it out amongst each of these offerings? Or do we give 10% on Sunday and then from our heart the rest of the week? I will admit that after giving the 10% on Sunday I foresee that my heart will be wrung out the rest of the week. Opionons please



    Here’s my thoughts on tithing. We give at least 10% faithfully out of each paycheck. We take it out of the before taxes amount and we take it off the top. We don’t even consider the cash that we’ve taken out for tithing as spendable. The way I see it is it’s not our money. It is God’s and we’re lucky he didn’t say give the 90% and keep the 10%. The Bible also says to give both tithes and offerings. These are 2 separate things.The word tithe means 10 percent and offerings are anything above that.
    It also says to sow into your storehouse. So if you for example are in a youth group you might split up the 10 percent to put into the church and into the youth program.
    God has never failed us. He tells us to test him. This is the only area that He tells us to test him. Too many times we look at what our money can and can’t do and not what God can do with it.



    NJ Valerie,
    I had this same question and it comes down to this. If you want to give, give, but not because others are watching or you feel pressured. If you gave 10% and are fine with that, that is fine. If you are so moved one day to give more then give. We are give sacrifically but cheerfully also – not with guilt or regret.



    I agree with what HBKitt. . .said. Tithing is 10% off the top and that is what is commanded Biblically.

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