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    Hi all,

    Just wanna ask for opinions from anyone out there who has the experience with contraceptive pill (specifically Yasmin).

    I have been on the pill for about 1 1/2 years, now that we are ready for kids, I stopped last December. I know I won’t get pregnant straight away, but is it normal to not get your periods at all? How long usually does it take for the periods to go back to normal?

    I appreciate any kind of comments – kinda new to this. Thanks!!



    I went off the pill in Oct 06. I did not get a period until Jan 07, and that was with the help of medication from my doc (provera). I needed something to kick start my body back up again. I only needed one month of that and AF has come since.
    Welcome to the Family and good luck!



    Some women need a little jump start to get their period going. Some women dont get a period for up to 6 months. I have only been on birth control once. I took a depo shot. It screwed me up really badly and I never went on another pill. good luck with ttc it can be quick and easy or it can take awhile ( took us 19 months to get a Sticky Big Fat Positive) Just keep the faith and make sure you have fun too.



    Ok, funny story in light of your question…

    My sister-in-law went off the pill not long ago because she over heard my mom and a friend talking about it taking some people up to a year to get pregnant after going off the pill. It had taken her own sister 4 years to get pregnant, and she and my brother thought they would be ready in a while to have kids.
    Anyway, she got pregnant right after she stopped taking her pills. She is due in 4 months! (She stopped taking her pills, had her withdrawel bleeding, and then got pregnant.)

    I had another friend who got pregnant 2 months after going off the pill and is pregnant with twins. While I know it is actually very rare to get pregnant that quickly, I also just went off the pill after being on it for a year and am ttc. I think it really just depends on your body, everybody is different. Best of luck!



    Im a case just as discribes by the above poster! Went off the pill had a witdrawral bleed then bang Pg straight away. ahve you done a test to see if you are pg?? I would go to your dr and tell them that Af has not been back. I have never heard of anyone having gone more then a month after the pill with out her coming. good luck!



    poliscmjr: thanks for the info. maybe i need to see my doc like you did to kick off my cycle again.

    wanttobemommy: i never had any other BC than Yasmin. so far Yasmin never caused me any problems. no weight gain, no nausea, etc. my periods were as scheduled. thank you & congratulations!

    kimber12: i guess you’re right, it’s all up to the body and also destiny. if we are not meant to have the baby yet, there must be a blessing in disguise. thanks for the stories..helped me a lot.

    prettybub: i have tested a couple of times and they were all negatives. i don’t mind not being preggie yet. it’s just that i feel weird not having my periods as usual. but i guess i’ll take the advice to see my doc soon. i just needed to hear from people out there with experience. congratulations btw.



    It took me a year to conceive my 1st after stopping the pill.



    Mollymae: how long did it take for your first period to start after being off the pill? thanks.



    pu3 –
    I also missed periods after stopping Yasmin. I was on Yasmin for 2 years. I stopped the pill at the end of last summer because my next pack got lost in the mail from the mail-order pharmacy I use. So I finished my pack and decided just to try staying off the pill for a while. I had 2 normal periods and then nothing for 4 months! Wasn’t pregnant, so the doctor put me on Progestin to induce my period.
    I had my withdrawal bleeding and then on day 14, I spotted a little bit for 2 days. This led me to believe that I had ovulated (I think?). However, 45 days later, I still have not gotten my period. I had a negative pregancy test last week. I will be calling my doctor this Friday to see what I should do.
    I’ll keep you posted.



    I went off BC in Nov 2005 got my period the following month but was very irregular, my cycles would range anywhere from 28-60 days. I had a miscarriage in Spet 2006 and now I’m still TTC and this month i’m on my first cycle of clomid. so we’ll see :realexc:
    Good luck to you! :)
    What i have learn is that every persons situation is differ and you can’t really compare yourself to anyone just keep a positive look on things!



    I got off the pill the end of Dec 06, after being on it for a little over a year. I was on Ortho, and never had problems with it. My first AF was normal, then in Feb AF came and went within 2 days. This month AF was normal again. We are TTC, and hopefully soon we will conceive. I think it depends on the persons body personally. My sister got off the pill and within 3 months was prego with my nephews…so we will see how long it will take for me!!
    I wish you all the luck! And I know I am glad to have found a group where I feel supported.



    Finally, after 107 days waiting,my period’s back! Now let the TTC really begins. Cheers!!
    Thanks for all the comments. I’m glad I found this forum.



    Wishing you lots of luck ……
    Have fun BD’ing :-)



    Good luck!!! Lots of babydust to you! :niceone:



    i too was on yasmin..stop in october, had a withdrawal bleed and had a period(i think) in novenber around thanksgiving, on 15th of december i had spotting, then nothing and its the 26th of decenber and still no period?..i had unprotected sex just 1 week after that last period in november, and none where is this period? help!

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